The latest report of the European Parliament, modify the anti money laundering law, bitcoin market supervision or will start!

The latest report of the European Parliament, modify the anti money laundering law, bitcoin market supervision or will start!

The European Parliament (EP) recently released a new report, the first mention of the other digital currency bitcoin. To combat money laundering bitcoin has become an important goal of the European Commission (EC) 2017. The bitcoin market regulation will be put on the agenda.

Was elected president of the European Commission before, Jean-ClaudeJuncker has set out his policy priorities, the policy is likely to become the guidelines for the next five years the European commission. The bitcoin market supervision or will start.

Hold on “big event” mentality, Juncker lists ten areas in need of reform, to ensure that people can feel the concrete effect.

But this latest report is the first mention of the digital currency, called virtual currency.

Digital currency, bitcoin market in Europe

The European Parliament “focus in 2016” did not mention any figures or virtual currency words.

In this report, a virtual currency appeared in the fight against terrorism. This shows that the European market will start bitcoin regulatory or.

7 2016, the European Commission on the use of digital currency to make further strict management, plan to modify 2015 version 4 anti money laundering law, anonymous digital currency transactions end. May carry on the supervision of digital currency, virtual currency, bitcoin is production supervision may begin.

Mentioned in the report: the flow of funds to modify the anti money laundering law to protect certain high-risk third world countries, given the EU financial intelligence certain power, ensure that the central bank and payment account registration work, reduce the risk of virtual currency and anonymous prepaid card brings.

The anti money laundering law to establish more strict regulatory rules for bitcoin virtual currency, thus combating terrorist financing and anonymous payment purposes. Or will achieve the bitcoin market supervision.

At the end of this report, the European Parliament President MartinSchulz, President of the European Council and the European Commission Chairman RobertFico Jean-ClaudeJuncker said, “to protect the safety of the people” is their main goal in 2017.

One way to achieve this goal is “to improve the ability of combating terrorism, money laundering and terrorism financing, and digital currency just happened to be in the range to be hit”.

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