The Layer 2 will be credible results back to the chain chain, “Cartesi” to expand the blockchain “boundary”

Compared with ever-changing application and innovation pattern, the development of block chain technology seems stuck in the bottleneck period. Look at the innovations in the infrastructure and the expansion program, storage and computing the direction of this year, most of the traditional Internet and distributed system of “old wine” into the “bottle” in the chain block. Even after the beginning of the crazy “stimulus”, block chain is still “a few games”.

The reason, Chow Tai Fook Group executives Li Tianxi borrow a word, block chain is not short of money, lack of people. In the public number is four times the chain developers background, technology is indeed difficult to take off”.

Therefore, following the “the currency reform era” and “a key to send money”, “a key support hair chain” and “a DAPP”, with the underlying block chain fast landing system or middleware, will be the focus of my next time.

Odaily recent exposure to China Daily Planet acceleration (CHINACCELERATOR) fourteenth, with the daily habits of the language allows developers and tools to quickly build DAPP Layer 2 platform Cartesi . According to the business person in charge of Marco Mirabella Cartesi, mainly for the two categories of development, is to build a DAPP, but the block chain strange the two is to build complex applications; however, limited to the existing block at the bottom of the chain.

In this paper introduces the characteristic of Cartesi, it is necessary to the Layer 2 chain network plays in the block chain world role.

Layer 2 is located on the bottom of the chain (Layer 1) and DAPP, through the high performance computing chain, Layer 1 from the mass execution of the work contract and calculation of liberation, to concentrate on the token circulation and the results are stored, so as to enhance the overall scalability. Bitcoin lightning network, Plasma, Ethernet square side chain, state channels, solutions can be attributed to Layer 2. The daily planet Odaily has reported the establishment of TEE based on trusted hardware (trusted execution environment) Oasis Labs and Taxa etc..

Go back to Cartesi, the difference from other characteristics of Layer 2 is to support any language JavaScript and Linux system.

Marco believes that the etheric Fang VM (virtual machine) using the Solidity language, as well as many alliance chain using the Go language, leaving hair everyday language some distant”. Therefore, the goal of Cartesi is to gradually support more common programming language, to lower the threshold of development (with their own VM NEO is also the direction of “hard”). Provides a more flexible and complex logic processing ability of the Linux system for Cartesi DAPP.

In addition, according to the Merkle Tree Cartesi root hash value for each state the result only “electronic fingerprint”, run Cartesi in any terminal and any system, the same calculation task will only correspond to a state of the. All the VM to verify the final “electronic fingerprint” after the contract is executed, intelligent. Therefore, the “calculation simply” chain of execution, and verify the calculation results will be more reliable, lower cost.

At the same time, the data and the program can be stored in the chain (such as HTTP, IPFS to this, etc.) the way to solve the problem of limited storage chain.

For example the up arrow

A summary of the block chain is complicated in order to “fidelity”, by Cartesi Layer 2 and “electronic fingerprint” will be part of a complex work to solve the chain, then the key results back to the block chain, in order to enhance the efficiency of.

Similar to the Cartesi project and Truebit method. According to Marco, because the VM is different, Cartesi has the advantage of high efficiency and low cost (if you are interested in the Internet environment, the science here see specific comparative analysis).

According to reports, Cartesi is measured in. In addition to the adaptation of Linux user habits, the biggest difficulty lies in the design of Cartesi to ensure the same computational requirements in various circumstances are only output consistent results. In solving technical problems, improve the test version at the same time, Cartesi hopes to establish a partnership with IBM, Microsoft and other giants, led in the developer community influence. The long-term goal is to create a smart contract threshold tends to zero.

The team has 8 people, mainly in Taipei base. The founder and CEO of Erick de Moura, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of software engineering, telecommunications, transportation, medical image, etc.. The chief scientist Dr. Augusto Teixeira, the Swiss Federal Institute of technology Zurich, cryptography experts, probability. CTO Diego Nehab, Princeton University, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Institute of Microsoft, programming, high performance GPGPU expert. COO Colin and Steil business leader Marco Mirabella, both from VC and business background.

I am Odaily senior editor of the daily planet Hao Fangzhou, block chain quality projects for reports, plus nooxika, please note Name + company + subject.

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