The legend of bitcoin

In the financial crisis of 2009, many investors at home and abroad changed from rich people to negative tycoons overnight. Due to their participation in leveraged investment, the author, like most of the victims, lost tens of millions overnight and lived on the streets. Then governments around the world began printing money crazily to get through the crisis. At this time, there was a mysterious it genius named Nakamoto in the United States, who was extremely dissatisfied with the US government’s wanton printing of US dollars. The United States’ crazy printing of money was stealing money from the global people. So Nakamoto invented bitcoin. The way to get bitcoin is to use the computing power of the computer to calculate to a certain extent, and then he will get a total of 21 million pieces (commonly known as mining). With each batch of excavated, the difficulty is doubled. When I first came out, an ordinary computer could dig dozens of pieces a day. Mining is the use of computer computing power to obtain bitcoin. In February 2010, just after the new year, but also after the financial crisis, the author came to an IT company to work, responsible for the company’s sales work. In June 2010, when I was talking to an Internet cafe owner about business, I overheard a technician mention bitcoin. After understanding, I always think that bitcoin is a kind of game currency, because it is obtained from playing games on the website (mining is also a kind of game). Although the total number is 21 million, it will take 20 years to dig, and an online game can survive for 5 years, even if it is good. In 2010, only a few it programmers were interested in bitcoin, and it technicians and gamers also had a lot of bitcoin in their hands. From 2010 to 2011, in my IT circle, many Chinese gamers would at least have thousands of bitcoins. The way they get bitcoins is not to buy them, nor to dig them, but to play online games. Bitcoin was once traded among gamers. In 2009, magic XX world became popular all over the world. Until now, in 2021, bitcoin is still unable to be surpassed, only imitated. At that time, Yao Ming, a basketball star, was a player in the magic XX world. Many Chinese players like to play with foreign servers, which are American servers. To put it bluntly, the reason is that Americans have money. Americans are willing to spend money to buy game equipment and game currency. Chinese people are more business minded. Some bosses will invite people to sell equipment to Americans. In China, it will become an industry chain. I once knew a game boss who used 500 second-hand computers Playing “DXF” game currency, a year to earn more than 10 million yuan. Ten years ago, it was very difficult to trade gold coins and equipment of online games played in American service with Americans. It was necessary to have a foreign bank or Hong Kong account (you know). But there is a more convenient way, that is to use bitcoin as an intermediate bridge to trade. In 2010, the price of bitcoin was one percent, which means that one dollar can buy 1000 bitcoins. There are often Chinese “world of Warcraft” players who sell a game equipment for $5 to foreign players, who can get 5000 bitcoin, and then sell bitcoin at home to exchange for RMB. The most expensive pizza on May 22, 2010, a programmer named Laszlo hanyates in the United States bought two pizzas with 10000 yuan bitcoin. According to today’s bitcoin market, it is worth 495 million dollars, which is the most expensive pizza in the world. At the beginning, Mr Laszlo hanyates was so proud that he traded 10000 bitcoin for two large pizzas, showing off on the forum. A few months later, someone left him a message: “how does Mr. Laszlo hanyates’ 2000 dollar pizza taste?”. A year later, someone left a message: “sir! Is the $10000 pizza good Until recently, he was asked, how does a $100 million pizza taste? This is a legend in the currency circle. I really bought pizzas with bitcoin. In 2010, a British player threw 7000 bitcoin hard disks into the trash can. At that time, 7000 pieces were worth $7. It was just a mount in the world of Warcraft XX. It’s not a pity to lose it carelessly. But with the gradual rise of bitcoin, this brother’s mentality is also gradually changing, from the beginning of calm, to a few months later regret, a few years later hit the wall, 10 years later crazy. It also clearly records the process of bitcoin’s miracle. In fact, because I am in the IT circle, there are so many miraculous stories around me. In 2011, a boss in Shaoxing forced debts and received 3000 bitcoins, which he lost because he didn’t cherish. Two years ago, a Yiwu boss lost the password of his 150 million yuan bitcoin wallet. Now it is worth 1 billion yuan. The night is dark and the wind is high. I also know a man who is the same talent as 007 agent. Every time he inputs the password, he always hides in his bed. Because he is worried that his home will be monitored, the bitcoin website has been attacked by hackers for 10 years, and nothing can be achieved. However, hackers can attack the government’s monitoring system and take pictures by monitoring The password entered by the bitcoin holder. Worried that he would forget the password (mnemonic word) with more than 50 bits of bitcoin, the friend wrote two pieces of code notes, then cut each piece of paper into two pieces and wrapped it in a plastic bag. When the wind was high and the night was dark, he buried the four codes under the park stones of four different cities. He really let him do the right thing. Once the computer crashed, and his handwritten password couldn’t be found. He drove to two cities to get the password all night, and was in a cold sweat. In the first half of 2013, I came across a piece of news that the International Red Cross accepted the donation of bitcoin. This is the first official institution to recognize the value of bitcoin. I quickly changed my view on bitcoin. From the original valuable game currency to a valuable electronic currency recognized by some officials, the author began to try to buy a small amount of bitcoin. At this time, bitcoin has risen to more than 300 US dollars. The mysterious genius Nakamoto Nakamoto has never appeared. For 10 years, the creator of bitcoin, the great mysterious genius codenamed Nakamoto Nakamoto, has never appeared. Some say he is white in America, some say he is a woman, some say he is a group of people. Looking for Nakamoto has also become one of the most interesting topics in the global currency circle.

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