The Liberal Party has become a major supporter of the blockchain, and used in the election

The Liberal Party has become a major supporter of the blockchain, and used in the election

Held in New York last week, the Liberal Party Congress, many people expressed a strong interest in block chain technology. The former electoral consultant NickSpanos said he is trying to account for the election of distributed technology. Presidential candidate JohnMcAfee also expressed their views on the new technology.

The Liberal Party is a big supporter of decentralized technology

Many people think that the Liberal Party, to the center of technology must be accompanied by abolitionism. They think a lot of people behind the election are controlled, and the application of this technology can improve the efficiency and transparency of the electoral system, some people think that the unique attributes of virtual currency and free market theory, is acceptable.

The Liberal Party conference held in New York, Manhattan East Village NickSpanos block chain technology group (BlockchainTechnologiesCorp.) CEO also attended the meeting. Spanos proposed encryption books determines its distributed voting system can replace the traditional. Because the electronic voting machines now use often burst of manipulation of the suspect in the election, but also prone to failure.

Spanos said:

Block chain technology group (BlockchainTechnologiesCorp.) has developed a chain block voting technology, is currently patent pending. Using the method of the same as before, only in the distributed technology background and book block chain, this will ensure that the voice is correct, can not be tampered with, so as to ensure the election process open, fair and transparent.

Spanos at the meeting with many liberals to share their insights for block chain technology. JohnMcAfee also said the encryption currency and block chain technology confidence, but he still have reservations about this technology. He said:

Worthy of in-depth discussion of block chain technology, but unless we know how to use it to control it, or discuss any more is a waste of time.

McAfee said in the presidential election to accept bitcoin. Recently, he told EntrepreneurNetwork:

I think that the development of digital currency is represent the general trend. We must admit that Pandora’s box has been opened. But this technique still have too many problems to be solved.

The meeting also emerged a lot of bitcoin blockchain and supporters. The former Republican presidential candidate RandPaul (later joined the Liberal Party and the Liberal Party) presidential candidate GaryJohnson also accepts digital currency as election funds. In addition, most of the Liberal Party leaders have said they can accept bitcoin as election funds, is also willing to discuss the blockchain technology, after all, this is the most popular topic.

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