The Liberal Party presidential candidate to support bitcoin bitcoin, enhance public awareness

The Liberal Party presidential candidate to support bitcoin bitcoin, enhance public awareness

Last Sunday, Gary? Johnson (GaryJohnson) in 2016 to become the Liberal Party presidential candidate, now can use bitcoin to sponsor him.

The Liberal Party candidate “universal card” to accept bitcoin

In 2012, Johnson participated in the campaign, has gradually risen in support of sound, support him as a “wild card”, a lot of people attention from the main party candidates to him.

A recent poll showed that nearly 8% of Republican voters looking for a replacement for Donald Trump (DonaldTrump), the number four times in the Democratic party.

In March, Johnson told MSNBC: “if this is not what the Liberal Party as, then it is impossible to have what is, I don’t think we will fail.”

This month, he also claimed that all isolated voters are beginning to support him, this is what he saw.

The 2016 Liberal Party have the potential to make great progress, this is a good sign of bitcoin, because Johnson had put bitcoin as one of the ways of raising funds. Through the BitPay service using bitcoin on the campaign website can give him donations.

Just as he did with the RandPaul, Johnson gradually increased the awareness of public power can improve the bit currency more widely, from a celebrity, on the other hand is a policy.

Johnson in New Mexico, served as governor for 9 years, until 2003, when the state is four of the state budget balance.

He advocated the value balance policy, voted for the 750 act in the Clinton and Bush administrations, which earned him the nickname “opponents of Johnson”.

The trend of political parties

Whether at home or abroad, Johnson is not the only public support for bitcoin people. In recent years, in some countries outside the United States, the currency regime has become part of the conflict in Iceland is the most famous replacement.

Iceland Pirate Party leader BirgittaJ NSD ttir once said, let go a handful of countries to ban bitcoin astray as “Switzerlandofbits” (Digital Switzerland, this is to describe neutrality in the digital world is a part of Iceland).

The Pirate Party leader Rick? Falck’s (RickFalkvinge) also publicly supported this favorable environment, let the Viking athletic crypto currency as part of their policy.

At the same time, the United States, the Liberal Party’s ability to support a winning candidate skepticism constantly.

On Sunday the party president of the general assembly, a Liberal Party candidate in the two minute presentation did a striptease “”.

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