The light will illuminate the upcoming festival, bitcoin’s future in India!

The light will illuminate the upcoming festival, bitcoin’s future in India!

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The upcoming Diwali is a Bright Festival in India. The fireworks and lights, can also light up bitcoin bright future in India?

Diwali Hanukkah starting from October 20th this year, for a period of five days. By then, the global Indians will celebrate the festival with candles and fireworks, to invoke the God of wealth Lakshmi.


According to Bloomberg news, Amazon will invest $500 million to occupy the e-commerce India during the festival. At the same time, RedSeer consulting said that India is expected to spend $170 million during hanukkah. A report by PYMNTS, is an important opportunity for the development of India emerging e-commerce market in the field of bitcoin. India five days of Hanukkah and 21% of the unbanked population will be possible for the application of bitcoin brings a great progress.

Of course, in India the bitcoin community will use online bitcoin, they will find here a lack of available bitcoin bitcoin debit cards and electronic trading platform.

ZebPay to meet the demand of online shopping

Submit an ideal project needs India bitcoin wallet provider ZebPay for online shopping users. By ZebPay, users can buy online shopping platform specific bitcoin gift cards, such as Amazon and Flipkart (India’s largest electricity supplier).

Morgan Stanley predicted that before 2020, India online sales will be increased from $300 million in 2013 to $10 billion per year. Such a huge market to make us more understand why bitcoin fans are so eager to enter the market, get more extensive users.

The fact is not the case, because bitcoin continues to accelerate the development of potential investors bitcoin in India optimistic. Recent reports show that ZebPay was in talks on a $400-500 A round of financing activities.

India remittance market

India was thought to have the world’s largest remittance market, according to the World Bank statistics, in 2015 the market size reached $6 billion 900 million. Soon after, bitcoin can get a share. In the light of day because this festival, Indians will frequently give the people of his money.

In addition, because bitcoin is often used in cross-border transactions, India enterprises are gradually eyeing bitcoin, to seek market opportunities.

Such transactions in India bitcoin exchange Coinsecure. This exchange is currently working with Chinese bitcoin exchange OKCoin cooperation, the use of OKLink derivatives, through block chain technology to provide services for the India remittance business.

In this view, bitcoin’s future in India seems to be very bright, but it still needs a lot of work to catch up the pace of the rapid development of bitcoin. But in the light of day is approaching, the application of bitcoin will be in India for a wave of attacks.

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