The little ant global ICO congregation raised a total of 6129 bitcoins

The little ant global ICO congregation raised a total of 6129 bitcoins

The evening of September 7th at 8 o’clock, domestic benchmark block chain project small ant global ICO all the chips in a month after finally came to an end. The little ant ICO congregation raised $6129 for a total of bitcoin, bitcoins at current market prices, the value of more than 25 million yuan, the cumulative attendance of nearly 1500 people. This has become the largest ICO project to raise the public. It is worth mentioning that in all participants, more than half from overseas, which marks the domestic block chain project is subject to international recognition.

In August 8th this year to open the small ant ICO congregation took the international general ICO model, all the chips participants in the form of bitcoin investors, the congregation to raise the subject for small ant block link protocol rights and tokens — the small ant shares, to raise the public party intends to sell 24 million shares of small ant shares, to raise no limit on the amount of. In addition, the little ant ICO all the chips also opened several international precedent, set up multi signature and return mechanism, to a certain extent to protect the financial security and the rights and interests of investors.

This small ant ICO chips are the first for the global ICO project. From the beginning of July this year, the small ant team played a beautiful community card, not only from 0 to 1 set up a small ant ecological community leading to a small number of ants, the domestic community from 300 ICO1 to the current development of more than 5000 people, but also in the community construction overseas invested a lot of energy. Small ant team reference to Lisk, Wings and other well-known ICO project practice, the small ant related posts on bitcointalk, there have been fifty thousand times browse and 78 page reply, Twitter attention also has more than 1800 people. In the small ant team’s unremitting efforts, the small ant ICO Congregation in overseas was a huge success. The participants to raise the public, there are more than 700 people from overseas. One of the largest source in the United States, in addition, in Indonesia, Russia, Britain and Canada, there are many participants. This shows that domestic outstanding block chain project began won the international market recognition and attention.

The little ant ICO also set up a refund mechanism, which is the industry’s first. General rule is that the small ant participants to raise the public to raise the public since the end to this period of time before the main line of small ants, according to the ICO total participation funds for judging and choosing to continue to participate in, or in the main line 30 days return. If participants to determine the overall ICO fund is overvalued, with certain risks, you can choose a one-time withdrawal; of course, participants can choose to maintain the status quo to continue to participate in ICO. Although the decision to withdraw from the investors in a small to the main line after the ants to withdraw bitcoin, but returned to the set does give investors greater choice of space.

In addition to the first return mechanism, multi signature guarantee is the ICO process design highlights. Before TheDAO and Bitfinex theft, small ants of the ICO security team has a more in-depth consideration. In order to avoid launched to raise public investment since the party self cheating, and guarantee the safe operation of the mechanism of the congregation returned, prior to the official release of small ant block chain, raise income of funds by the DACA block chain association, HaoBTC and small ant team through 2-of-3 multi signature address form for safekeeping, open and transparent, anyone can at any time check the address in the capital.

ICO talked about the outlook for the future, the founder of Hongfei said little ants:

“From the first day, the only open source strategy is a small ant. This strategy is in fact inevitable — the real block chain must be open source. Block chain system closed source is a black box unconditional trust for developers, the complete and essence of the spirit of the blockchain contrary. Block chain or closed source is the reuse of other block chain project code, open source system or not; center is claimed to block chain, but did not dare open. Small ant code is completely original, and real-time updates on the GitHub. This is a small ant team confidence, also bring confidence to the community. This is the ICO of many overseas participants with frequent updates on the GitHub small ant project, to judge our reliable degree. After the completion of the ICO, a small ant will continue to adhere to the open source route with funds develop more powerful open source community support block chain system. We have made a complete technical planning, will be released in the near future.”

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