The main wallet service providers and 73 bitcoin startups support isolated witness

The main wallet service providers and 73 bitcoin startups support isolated witness

The main bitcoin wallet service provider, exchange and start-up companies now or plan to support the isolation (SegWit), or the witness has support for SegWit.

The BitcoinCore team has recently updated bitcoin startups have announced plans to support SegWit’s list, a total of 73. The list includes the famous bitcoin wallet service provider, AirBitz, BreadWallet, Trezor, SamouraiWallet, Ledger, Electrum, GreenAddress, hardware wallet, KeepKey and Mycelium.

There are a variety of mineral pools, including Slush, Bitfury, BTCC, CGMiner and CKPool have signal support SegWit, as well as major bitcoin exchanges, including Bitfinex, OKCoin and Coinfloor.

Bitcoin wallet service provider

Hardware wallet manufacturers and developers of Trezor, Ledger and KeepKey are strong supporters of SegWit, especially since SegWit promises some bitcoin wallet can solve the major problem of hardware.

In the interview, JonasSchnelli BitcoinCore and DigitalBitbox developers explained that the hardware wallet may become vulnerable to a charge attack, the attack will all bitcoin Wallet Storage Hardware in the transaction as input (input), and then to a huge mistake miners fee.

Schnelli said that if the computer is trojan Troy destroyed, it will automatically increase the input of a transaction, which may lead to hardware wallet users face a difficult issue.

Trezor developer MarekPalatinus said:

“Bitcoin and other hidden problems, SegWit open the possibility for the possible new applications and use cases. For those who believe that only the larger block can save the bitcoin exchange rate and to decide whether it should support SegWit miners, this is a very important point, must understand.”

SegWit solutions to bring hardware wallet based on hardware wallet developers explained that in the interests of users, we should implement SegWit.

In addition, the blockchain start-up companies Prasos CEOHenryBrade SegWit pointed out to “enhance the ability of bitcoin transactions will be more than double ‘, which is up to 1.7 times before the forecast.

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A moderator of BashCo bitcoin Reddit also stressed that once SegWit is activated, then more chain expansion solutions, such as Schnorr signature and MAST, will be implemented, which will ultimately enhance privacy and intelligent bitcoin contract.

For most bitcoin wallet providers, a huge boost in the bitcoin transaction capacity should be beneficial to their platform, because it can prevent bitcoin transaction confirmation and clearing any further delay.

SegWit brings more solutions for bitcoin

In various surveys and research, a large number of BitcoinUnlimited supporters unexpectedly agree with SegWit activation, expression of their soft forked optimism.

Put aside the block size argument, SegWit provides solutions on the chain expansion, although the block size is limited, but it is beneficial to the bitcoin network. Although the bitcoin network in the future may complete the block size upgrade and trading capacity expansion, it is important to acknowledge that SegWit will improve the ability of the bitcoin network of more than two times.

Considering the benefits of SegWit, wallet service providers, such as Mycelium, have announced that they are carrying out more tests and change the user interface, to properly implement SegWit. Mycelium has emphasized the basic SegWit implementation has been completed.

The famous bitcoin wallet service provider SamouraiWallet has created a site, so that the user can activate the progress tracking SegWit.


Samourai wallet development team is also in the process of social media and online bitcoin community actively collect the user suggestions, to embed a variety of data, including users may find useful information.

The Samourai team recently announced that they are planning to show the 26 possible activation of all stages, in order to show the progress of the activation of SegWit

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