The major research progress of side chain bitcoin, drive chain of the new program will change bitcoin DNA

The major research progress of side chain bitcoin, drive chain of the new program will change bitcoin DNA

“This side chain” bitcoin features very early before being put forward, now may soon make great progress thanks to the emergence of a proposal.

Mention of the “side chain”, most associate with Blockstream (the development team has been praised the idea of side chain). The side chain is easier to add a new bitcoin bitcoin function, because the current design, to add a function will be very difficult for bitcoin.

In short, the side chain to users with different rules based on the different bitcoin bitcoin transfer block chain. For example, the side chain scheme, used to protect the privacy of those transaction technology or a system similar to the Ethernet Intelligent Fang contract can be added to the bitcoin block chain, and no need to change bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin security adviser Searl coke Demian Lerner (SergioDemianLerner)?? is leading efforts to increase the bitcoin side chain function. He explained that the side chain can be widely extended in eliminating developers currently encountered bitcoin trading capacity and difficulties in the process.

He told Coindesk:

The improvement of the bitcoin network as in flight aircraft repair.”

In addition to the Lerner team, another group is studying the potential side chain into a formal proposal bitcoin code in the library.

In late September of this year, Lerner announced a proposal to add this code, side chain function to bitcoin, Bloq economist Paul? Storck (PaulSztorc) told Coindesk that he is working on their own code.

Two of them are driving chain scheme called “(drivechain)”, which is a kind of side chain winding, first described by Sztorc in November last year. Two proposals are put forward a new set of functions, called operation code (opcode), can be added to the bitcoin on soft branch.

However, these two projects have different ideas about how to implement opcode, and have no plans to merge into a program (at least not yet).

Two ways

In the transfer process between the side chains, bitcoin from a chain block is sent to the other chain, or so it seems.

But in fact, bitcoin bitcoin is locked on the backbone, and in the transfer time will be unlocked in the side chain.

The key difference between the drive chain and the conventional side chain is that who is who finally submitted back and forth bitcoin transfer required information: user or miners.

Drive chain Lerner depends on the miners’ algorithm as guardian agent “or rely on to help the miners aware of the bitcoin network other side chain project.

Lerner explained:

“Bitcoin miners observation of side chain, when they received from the side chain requirements (such as 100, they will perform the transaction confirmation) a coordination protocol to ensure that they agree on the authenticity of.”

He also said:

“If the miners agreed to pay the money they can use the lock.”

The Lerner proposal introduces a new bitcoin script, called OP_COUNT_ACKS, a small change to the script by about 600 lines of code to implement the function of the driving chain (bitcoin scripts like smart contracts).

Lerner also pointed out that the isolation of witness, witness if the isolation is activated, it will contribute to the implementation of his plan. Isolation of witness code has been officially added to the bitcoin network, the earliest can be activated in December this year.

Despite the isolation of witness is widely considered to be an expansion of solutions, but it also has some other benefits.

Lerner explained:

“Isolation to witness easily soft branch provides a new system: witness the script version management system. We use the BIP system to add a new opcode, there is no limit before the soft bifurcation system.”

Try to separate

Sztorc is working on similar to Lerner code, which has not been publicly.

However, although Sztorc and Lerner have been discussed and cooperation, but the two sides seem to think that their project is the best, hope to continue their own research.

The main issue for the implementation of Lerner Sztorc is that Lerner is using the side chain from Rootstock, this intelligent contract side chain with the etheric Fang style, rather than a copy of bitcoin.

Sztorc said:

The driving chain is a kind of new idea, so there is a risk. I don’t love the idea of mixing, namely a two new ideas.”

Sztorc pointed out that other differences are just some small areas, and cited the hammer invented as example. He said, someone invented a hammer, a never before seen, but they argue should hammer made of stone or wood made.

If accepted, the two schemes are required after the final into bitcoin in soft branch.

Potential danger

But, again, we are talking about this update, developers will be to repair the aircraft in flight.

The side chain is perhaps one should be able to help solve the problem of the proposal, but this will add functionality to the bitcoin, first through and add some other optimization, such as isolation of witness.

Blockstream core technology engineer RussellO ‘Connor describes some potential problems presented by Lerner opcode, summed up depends on the data value of the operation code, to add specific trading block.

He explained that the other has recently been added to the BitcoinCore opcode ‘are carefully prepared to ensure that no accident. “

It is worth noting that this proposal has not yet been fully discussed.

BitcoinCore contributor PeterTodd to the new opcode drive chain is discussed, because the Lerner past bitcoin patent, he said he would reject the proposal until it is “correct”.

Lerner said he does not plan to apply for the patent drive chain. In addition, he said that other bitcoin protocol developers, including MattCorallo and PieterWiulle to discuss the proposal for open attitude.

When asked whether they will apply for a patent, Sztorc said he has no plans to apply for a patent ”.

In addition to these clear opposition, the side chain project also suffered a lot of questions, and the safety of side chains were also discussed. Some long-standing question boils down to: the side chain is feasible.

Lerner explained:

The discussion is mainly about the more right to what effect will bring and the long-term consequences of miners. More specifically, a question: if bitcoin side chain has become very popular (at the same time the miners to dig bitcoin and side chain), need to run more high-end computers, so that independent miners lose competitiveness, then what will happen?”

However, although Sztorc seems to be questioned, still very optimistic, he will publish a long blog in the next few weeks to explain.

He said:

“Philosophy and the code is almost complete. I and Lerner programs are finished soon.”

Lerner also said:

“We think that it will be completed in 2017.”

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