The man bought 100000 bitcoin, cashed in 13.5 billion, and then withdrew. Frankly, this is a fraud

We can not say that there are no people who take faith as the code of conduct. However, in contemporary society, compared with the illusory integrity morality, as long as a thing is profitable, there will be people competing to do it, even if it violates the morality or even the law. Therefore, there are many speculations and profiteering, and many units are in deficit. This is what the word “profit” causes. The times are developing and the society is making progress. It is hard to imagine that ten years ago, but in a short period of time, even paper money is useless. Ten years ago, people had to rely on money for shopping, but now if they go shopping with cash, it will be very clear. At the beginning, I read a book called economics in the cashless era, written by David Wolman, an American economist. In his experiment, paying without cash is still an experiment, and he can’t imagine how long it is. China has developed to the point where each person takes a mobile phone, scans the code, and enters a number, and then the money can be paid. Such a convenient and fast means of payment has become the main way of trading today, so in the near future, will there be a more advanced form of money? Bitcoin, for example, is not sure, but the people who started bitcoin had already made a lot of money. In recent years, information about bitcoin can often be seen in the major media. Everyone has the same opinion on bitcoin, which is valuable, but it is not gold or silver. I don’t know why it is so valuable. In the absence of a clear understanding of why bitcoin is worth money, there are a lot of legends about it, and the hero of this story is one of them. The master’s name is Li Xiaolai, a teacher of New Oriental. He came across the charm of bitcoin, which was just launched at a very low price. Li Xiao took aim at the prospect of bitcoin. After reasonable and legal algorithm, he bought 100000 bitcoin in a short year. Such a large sum of money makes people can’t help but wonder, if it loses money, it is a large amount of money in vain. However, it turns out that Li Xiaolai not only did not lose, but also made a lot of profits. During the three years from 2014 to 2017, a bitcoin was fried to 20300 US dollars, and 100000 bitcoin was RMB 13.5 billion. Li Xiaolai withdrew after successfully cashing in 13.5 billion yuan, but his evaluation of special currency was not very good. He directly said in an audio frequency that “this is a fraud.”. Why does Li Xiaolai make so much money but he thinks so about bitcoin? This starts with the value of bitcoin itself. In fact, there is a brief introduction to the nature of bitcoin. It is only a virtual currency, and it is different from the mobile payment that we use today. The electronic payment we use today is actually misappropriation of our own cash assets, but the means of payment has changed. However, bitcoin is not It can be spent like real money. In fact, bitcoin is a product derived from blockchain technology. In the network, a data is real, so people can understand this information, but the information is encrypted, so other people can’t tamper with the data except the data owner. On this basis, the technology carried out by Nakamoto proposed the idea of bitcoin, so the prototype of bitcoin appeared. Bitcoin is highly scarce, so its price keeps rising. Since the state issues RMB through currency reserves and currency rate, but bitcoin does not need such dependence, it has become the favorite in the eyes of wealth. However, bitcoin is not a real currency with real value. Nowadays, the rising price of bitcoin is always stir fried. Therefore, Li Xiaolai often makes public remarks about “cutting leeks” in the blockchain, and frankly says that these virtual currencies are just “air currency”, and they all rely on “swindle” to “harvest the next family”. In fact, Li Xiaolai’s argument is worth pondering. After all, he made his fortune on this basis. However, with the ever-changing economic development, it is difficult for anyone to directly draw a conclusion on the future of virtual currencies such as bitcoin.

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