The “miner” spring? The price of bitcoin has gone through the $28000 mark

On January 3, 2009, a kind of “cryptocurrency” was born. Since its birth, bitcoin has been accompanied by a variety of uncertain voices. Some people think that it makes more money, some think it is not valuable, and others think that it is not valuable. All these are due to the scarcity compared with other currencies. In a word, the rarity is the most valuable thing. The less the same thing, it will naturally be pursued and loved by some capitalists. Spring for miners? Bitcoin price “skyrocketed” since the birth of the concept of bitcoin, “miners” have been constantly emerging. They “mine” bitcoin in various ways, and then realize the conversion to real capital. However, in recent years, the bitcoin market does not seem to be booming and prices have fallen sharply. However, with the change and development of the international financial situation, the price of bitcoin has been “soaring” recently. It seems that the spring of “miners” is really coming. The price of bitcoin broke through $20000 on December 16, but the rising momentum did not stop. In the following 11 days, bitcoin rose from 21000 to 28000, continuously rising to eight “integer levels”, which was obviously unexpected to many economists. According to the data provided by coindesk, a global authoritative blockchain media, the price of bitcoin reached a high of US $28323 at about 7:15 p.m. on the 27th, and the total market value of bitcoin has exceeded 525 billion US dollars, about 3.4 trillion yuan, which is 11000 yuan higher than the market value of Maotai stock in the A-share sector. The scale is frightening. Why is bitcoin soaring? So why did this virtual currency rise so fast in this period of time? According to Williams, an economist, the reason for bitcoin’s soaring price may not have much to do with what is generally believed to be “speculation” and “speculation”. Although these factors do have an impact, the main reason is not. Williams further pointed out that since the second half of 2020, some giant companies in the United States have purchased bitcoin in a large scale, such as MassMutual life and micro strategy. These figures show that listed companies have bought nearly $7 billion of bitcoin, which has greatly promoted the development of bitcoin market. In addition, the chief executive of bitdeer told reporters that in fact, the real reason behind the rapid appreciation of bitcoin is the stimulation of a series of global monetary policies after the outbreak of the financial crisis. Moreover, when the liquidity of funds is greatly increased, people’s “demand for safe haven” will also increase. After the combination of these two needs, the current crazy bitcoin price appears. Author: cupche review: Shanwu Disclaimer: picture source network, if there is infringement, please contact to inform, part of the news reference: China news network, China net

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