The miners agreed to let New York consensus bitcoin war

The miners agreed to let New York consensus bitcoin war


Under the joint efforts of domestic and international community including the miners, mine pool, developers, and SW2X in a step by step toward the successful path, according to segwit2x (SW2X) group news, as of now, antpool, bitclub, Bixin,, bitfury,, BTCC,, BW, Waterhole, Viabtc, batpool has begun a formal vote on bit4, support the New York consensus, support is accounted for more than 80% of the whole network is.

In July 19th, the SW2X team again released a 1.14.4 version, 1.14.3 version released this version and 17 days before the difference is very small. No changes in consensus layer, only including clean code, test and the opening of the new DNSSeed, which is in the segwit2x plan, will be fully operational in July 21st. It is expected that the next version will be released in July 21.

Including the miners, with a sense of community members are also in the expression of the New York consensus around rush about telling the news around spreading, supported by their own practical action. Wright currency global table forum Secretary General PZ is called on everyone to put aside their differences and work together, don’t drop the ball and sabotage at the critical moment, to ensure the smooth upgrade of bitcoin. At the same time, the community has a strong voice against a split, called for a boycott of those who refuse to upgrade mine pool.

In the community, the upgrade has become mainstream, the community was divided will condemn split BIP bitcoin acts in the community is bound to fail not enjoy popular support. An attempt by this split bitcoin block chain, split bitcoin acts to hinder the smooth implementation of the plan of the New York consensus SW2X plot will fail.

In the case of It is all up with mine pool, look forward to, individual developers don’t drop the ball, in the crucial moment of sabotage, hinder the implementation of bitcoin upgrade hinder New York consensus. The Core team history tells us that treachery will have been abandoned as bitcoin community, the dust of history. Only respect for the community consensus, stick to their promise, serious to implement will be recognized by the community.

Affected by bitcoin may split, bitcoin prices have continued to decline, fell below 13000 yuan mark, but accounted for 12 in the continuous catalytic pool is more than 80% of the whole network has begun a formal vote in support of the New York consensus and other good news, bitcoin prices exceeded 17000 mark in July 19th, bitcoin Market began to reverse. In the bitcoin market under the other currency is a copycat road stride forward singing militant songs.

Once in July 31st, more than 80% more than the whole network is mine pool all locked SW2X, for three years the expansion of the dispute will be declared a complete end, bitcoin will usher in a new spring, the largest in the history of the currency change bit will also occur in this year. Once the New York consensus SW2X failed, bitcoin is likely to split into a situation, bitcoin’s future will be more uncertain.

Bitcoin Division will also have a deadly threat to the entire digital currency bitcoin industry, as a barometer of the digital currency industry, every act and every move will have a far-reaching impact on the digital currency industry, once the bitcoin split, bitcoin prices will fall, collapse of bitcoin prices may cause other digital currency collapse or collapse and the digital currency industry will enter a new, long winter. Once the bitcoin smooth upgrade, bitcoin prices will hit a record high, bitcoin digital currency will bring the whole industry to a new bull market.

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