The miners may reduce mining costs, in order to cope with the bitcoin production by half

The miners may reduce mining costs, in order to cope with the bitcoin production by half

Bitcoin after halving production, mining software companies began to think of ways to reduce the mining cost.

The cloud mining service provider Hashflare in attempt to do so.

The central topic recently are focus on mining energy consumption, especially in the key period of bitcoin output halved. Because it is an important factor to ensure the low operation cost and maximize profit.

The report shows, China some enterprises to discuss how to “meet the local power grid and sharing resources; including hydropower, wind, electricity, mining policy, specific cooperation.

Cheap electricity will attract bitcoin mining company investment, especially in the concentration of 82% global hash function to force Chinese.

new product

Mining software company Bitmain released new products, including the recent AntminerS9 known as the world’s lowest power bitcoin mining machine, this product is already available in order to cope with the challenges of bitcoin production by half.

The famous cloud mining company GenesisMining to test a large number of X11ASIC products, all ASICX11 customers from a one-year contract upgrade for the biennium, and promised to provide free services for second years, in order to reduce the cost of electricity.

Hashflare to reduce energy costs, profits for the miners. The company also holds a party to send the following mail content of SHA-256 contract:

Since bitcoin mining half awards, we must help you to maintain normal operation. We have been in the months before the installation of energy-saving to the data center of the SHA-256 hardware, in order to save electricity”.

“So we can be proud to announce that SHA-256 maintenance and electricity has been reduced by 25%, cost $0.008 to 0.006 from each 10GH/s. Of course, the work is not over, we hope to make better progress”.

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