The miserable man lost 7500 bitcoins worth $127 million

The miserable man lost 7500 bitcoins worth $127 million

According to a report in the British “telegraph”, the name of James Howarth (JamesHowells) man living in southern Newport Welsh (Newport), started in 2009 in his notebook computer “mining” bitcoin, a total of 7500 gold digging, stored in the computer hard drive. In 2013, he stopped after mining, the laptop computer is split into several parts, in the eBay auction.

How keep a computer hard drive, I hope some day in the future bitcoin become valuable, he can be the bitcoin cash. Unfortunately, in 2013 to clean up the house when he took this hard drive into the garbage, the garbage was sent to the local landfill buried.

Since a few years after that, bitcoin prices rose sharply, especially since this year rose 10 times, at present every bitcoin price at around $17000, means that if there is no Howarth to lose his bitcoin, bitcoins will now be worth more than $127 million.

In the meantime, a lot of garbage is poured into the landfill. If he wants to find their own bitcoin, will be a very difficult job. Howarth said: “modern landfill is a complex engineering project, mining a thing will bring all kinds of environmental problems, such as dangerous gases, and may cause fire. This is a huge, expensive and risky projects.”

In any case, he wanted to try, but the Newport municipal authorities are not allowed.

In an interview with the technology website Wired, a spokesman for Newport City Hall said that their office received Howarth application, but mining, storage and processing of waste may cause huge environmental impact on the surrounding area.

The landfill the field reportedly buried about 350 thousand tons of waste, and an annual increase of 50 thousand tons.

The City Hall officials pointed out: “this hard disk may have been subject to severe corrosion, even found may not work.

In addition, this work may require special construction vehicles, may have to spend millions of dollars. Although Howarth has found sufficient financial support, but still need to be approved, because the landfill is not open to the public, illegal entry will be regarded as a criminal offense.

With bitcoin prices continued to soar, some people speculate that bitcoin will eventually lose how very valuable, then city hall will be forced to allow him to explore.

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