The Moscow stock exchange intends to bitcoin trading futures said the regulators did not affect its plan

The Moscow stock exchange intends to bitcoin trading futures said the regulators did not affect its plan

Russia is the largest stock exchange in Moscow stock exchange has been built architecture for encryption currency trading. However, recently the central bank seems to have decided in the crypto currency regulatory framework prior to the deployment of “forbidden” Moscow stock exchange bitcoin futures.

Does not prohibit bitcoin futures trading

The Moscow Stock Exchange (Moex) is Russia’s largest exchange group, the scope of transactions including stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange, currency and precious metals.

According to local media reports in russia:

The central bank ban bitcoin futures trading Moex. Only after the perfection of domestic legislation, the central bank will reconsider this decision.

However, AndreyBraginskiy media director of the exchange said that this report is not entirely correct”. He detailed:

We have not been to the central bank (CBR) for on-line new futures contracts license. Therefore, say they have rejected applications is not correct.

Usually the new on-line bitcoin index futures does not need to wait for any new regulation deployment. Of course, to reach an agreement on the calculation of the index and exchange is necessary. But Russia needs regulatory approval.

Moex for the first time in August announced the construction of encryption currency trading structure, especially the bitcoin and its derivatives. The exchange said:

Whether it is from the supervision or from a technical point of view, the transaction encryption currency derivatives is less time-consuming and more convenient.

The encrypted currency trading interest

Braginskiy said, they will not be short-term trading bitcoin currency because of the direct encryption, on-line encryption currency (and different futures) need the corresponding rules to deploy.

At the same time, he reiterated that the on-line and bitcoin trading futures do not need to wait until the new regulatory rules promulgated, but should first get regulatory permission.

He further revealed:

In Russia, currency speculation around encryption is not a few, bitcoin because of its price changes often hit the headlines. Therefore, brokers and their customers to exchange encrypted on-line currency futures was very interested.

At the same time, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) also announced in 18 this month, started trading in bitcoin futures. In addition, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) and NASDAQ (Nasdaq) also has bitcoin trading futures plan.

Last month, Russian President Dmitry Putin met with the national regulatory authorities, then Russia will confirm the supervision of encryption currency. He asked the perfect encryption currency in Russia’s regulatory framework before July next year.

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