The most popular Trump assets – bitcoin?

The most popular Trump assets – bitcoin?

In May this year, the British company JuniperResearch in a research report pointed out that if Trump eventually was elected president of the United States, then bitcoin prices will rise. This Tuesday, Trump victory in the US presidential election, bitcoin prices rose sharply as expected. Since Tuesday evening, bitcoin prices rose nearly 3%, maintained at around $725.

JuniperResearch analyst WinslowHolden said, “if Trump is elected president, then the global market is expected to usher in turmoil. Bitcoin prices will usher in a rose.”

Bitcoin in the fall in the rising trend, not only because of the U.S. presidential election. Last month bitcoin prices rose by 19% over the past three months, rose 23% in 2016 rose 68%. But in the next few days, even in the next few months, Trump after winning the uncertainty may promote bitcoin prices rise further.

Investors will bitcoin as a safe haven asset, a mainstream market closely related assets. Gold also has the same effect. So, after Trump was elected president of the United States, the price of gold on the red line of 1320 U.S. dollars / ounce, although after the Wednesday morning down to the current $1275 / ounce.

Bitcoin active in October mainly because of rising demand for China. Because of the continuous depreciation of the renminbi and the Chinese government began to strengthen capital controls. Bitcoin prices also rose sharply during the last year of the Greek government to shut down its banks.

JuniperResearch said that in June this year, the British withdraw from the EU referendum brought the same effect: “the British withdraw from the EU referendum the thrill of bitcoin prices.”

If Britain withdraw from the EU referendum led to bitcoin prices, so Trump in the US presidential election may also have the same effect. Many people will be compared with the election of Trump and the EU referendum results. Trump once told his supporters that his victory will be enhanced version of the British withdraw from the EU referendum. He even put their dubbed “the British withdraw from the EU referendum mr.”.

Although Trump and bitcoin in some areas may be similar, but the Trump campaign never accept bitcoin donations. According to the exposure of the message is displayed, the Hilary campaign had considered to accept bitcoin donations, but the Hilary campaign manager JohnPodesta think bitcoin is like “liberal Ann Rand game”, eventually gave up to accept bitcoin donations. Senator RandPaul and governor GaryJohnson for only two to accept bitcoin donations for the candidates.

All these are no longer important: Trump won the election, bitcoin benefit. Bitcoin does not require Trump to help him up.

Keywords the U.S. presidential election and the British withdraw from the EU referendum is the same: “uncertainty”. As the JuniperResearch report points out, bitcoin prices in the UK withdraw from the EU referendum began to rise a few weeks ago, after the results clearly fell, but rose sharply after the final results released. People can predict bitcoin in Trump was elected president of the United States after the performance trend.

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