The movie “bitcoin” upcoming: fear not to rise decline

The movie “bitcoin” upcoming: fear not to rise decline


From the beginning of the $1000 now nearly $20000 increase, this seems to be Arabian Nights, but for bitcoin is true. Although most people do not know what is bitcoin, but want to earn money from Hollywood, is no exception.

According to MarketWatch reports, pre production film producer ChristianCashmir is the movie “bitcoin” preparation. This is a comedy works, two Arizona’s brother, accidentally discovered a $20 million worth of bitcoin wallet, want to sell it on the black market.

Independent producer LaurenCribb producer of the film and TV comedian TheoVon will play. The plan to start shooting in the last week of April, but bitcoin has risen to $19000, I think we should start faster.” ChristianCashmir said.

Bitcoin will fluctuate is a major challenge to face film. In this film the planning stage, the production side of the idea of script being down two group on the black market for $5000 / gold price to drop from the clouds, bitcoin sold.

Now $20 million can buy more than 1000 coins, but next year to start shooting in April, then to post production, the final presentation to the screen, who knows the bit currency would be a situation.

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