The new extension “bitcoin Protocol”: community reaction

The new extension “bitcoin Protocol”: community reaction

? ? Recently, bitcoin business executives and miners in the success of the meeting, issued a new proposal to upgrade the open source project to support additional transaction capacity.

It is reported that the proposal will target to make two changes. The proposal has been made Fifty A number of enterprises signed, and claims to have obtained 83% The miners’ support network. this Fifty A number of enterprises operating computer, can protect the block chain, increase the new deal.


First, it reduces the startup isolation (witness SegWit , Segregated Witness ) the threshold will be reduced to the power network. 80% . Two thousand and fifteen year Twelve April, Bitcoin Core Developers put forward the proposal, but the long dormant.


Second, the provisions of the agreement, signed an agreement to the enterprise will agree through a hard bifurcation process, upgrade software, bitcoin block size upgrade 2MB .


investment company DCG ( Digital Currency Group ) further calls for enterprises, miners, users and developers, dedicated web form by providing them with the proposal.

It is understood that, Abra, Bitclub Net,, Bit, Fury, Bitmain, BitPay, Blockchain, Bloq, Circle, RSK, Labs and Xapo It will provide technical and engineering support to prepare for the upgrade, but on the detailed content of their commitment has not announced.

But it is worth noting that the open source development community BitcoinCore The developer missed the meeting . Blockstream The company provides funds for two such developers, but in Three October, choose not to participate in the meeting, and Blockstream The CEO Adam A. (Burke Adam Back ) also officially refused to participate in the meeting on behalf of founding the company.


It is reported that, The proposal will be used by the RSK Developer Sergio Laboratory (Demian Rainer Sergio Demian Lerner In) Four An idea put forward at the beginning of the month. However, there were a few developers rejected the proposal later in the mail.


Lena That entrepreneurial companies will play a role in this process, although he said he “could not write” was eventually adopted code.

He said, “our agreement is the audit code.”

The announcement did not release any code, while others in the process will use what technology do not understand.


According to reports, because often use soft bifurcation strategy, in the process of the implementation of this measure, the miners will increase bitcoin trading volume in the new bitcoin block, sending the signal to said support. Through the” Bit “Send signals, the miners will they agree in the network isolation activation bifurcation witness issued a statement.

Signed the agreement bitcoin startups Bloq Jeff Gochak (the founder of Jeff Garzik ) said: “the witness can be activated immediately isolated, in the future one day, bitcoin to expand capacity 2MB The hard bifurcation will occur. This indicates that in the same Bit Or there are two major events.”

The more complex problems: it is exactly what it means? Whether it will really affect the direction of bitcoin?

Gochak put forward the strong point of view, it marks a significant departure from past proposals, only because it found new commercial funding for non patent technology code.

Gochak said: “I think every enterprise has made a mistake – they all want to take Core Ride.”

Other people also said that the promise may be true. BitcoinClassic The leader of Marshall A. (Lang Marshall Long In) Two thousand and sixteen Early attempts to increase the bitcoin block size, he said in the previous efforts, improved communications.


He specifically cited between a miner and developers in Two thousand and sixteen An agreement reached in 2007, colloquially called The “Hongkong agreement” ( The HongKong Agreement This protocol was originally promised), start the witness code upgrade and isolation 2MB The specific time of the development of hard branch. Finally, two missed the scheduled time.


“We have seen, so this is probably not until like that again repeat, or shortly before the Hongkong agreement ago, but then things happen, whether good or bad,” Lang said.


Nevertheless, no sign of the proposal Blockstream Company CSO Samson A. (Mo Samson Mow ) pointed out that like other bifurcation proposals about whether it can, network development direction of most people on behalf of enough influence, there are still differences.


Chaincode Developer Matt A. (Kralo Matt Corallo ) have similar views.


He is in DCG In a chat group said: “I am a little disappointed, all in the bitcoin protocol provided by the feedback has been completely neglected. I suggest using a more technologically feasible way to achieve the same goal.”

The parties will end?

Others commented that this localization scheme behind, there is a bit confusing in sociology, because bitcoin users have so firmly and blindly support a plan, a party in support of the so-called “chain expansion” solution, the other side is to support the “chain expansion” solutions , which will increase hard code block size.


For example, Bloq The economist Paul A. (Situozike Paul Storzc ), his entrepreneurial companies are supporting the proposal, he pointed out that he is not sure what is the compromise.


He explained: “people want in a small block segregation witness, but small block that blocks will love it, because it can get larger blocks, so it is not clear why the opposition will.”


However, he pointed out that the activation of isolated witness as part of the agreement will be less likely to win BitcoinCore Developers.


Bitcoin miner Chandler A. (Guo Chandler Guo )Pointed out that taking into account the stagnation may eventually no winner, so much compromise is not necessary. He put this thing to a “beautiful girl”, because of his indecision, she will need to marry an ugly man “”.


The network can split?

The agreement is perhaps the most controversial part, in a certain period of time to bitcoin hard bifurcation commitment.


Bitcoin mineral company Avalon (now Canaan The founder of Guo Yifu ) promise to finish a skeptical. He said: “I saw it, I don’t believe it. It was too fast, they did not get enough of the adoption rate.”


Mr Guo said, even reached an agreement on this solution can be fast test, there are still some technical limitations. When asked whether he thinks it will be a success, he said: “I don’t believe.”


Others are also looking at the six month time limit, because of the need to support the proposal to develop the code, to ensure broad agreement, and need to be deployed before the deadline.


“I think it is very unrealistic, six months is not long enough.” Bitcoin enthusiasts Stephen A. (Jesper Stefan Jespers Said). His nickname is “whale Panda ( WhalePanda ) . He noted that the developers took six months to witness the development of isolated node upgrade, also need a long time.


Jesper said: “people will oppose it, because it looks like they are being forced to make them reluctant to make decisions, even if there is Eighty % of the miners to support it, then another Twenty Percent of the people want to do what?”

Excluding the cost of the action?

In fact, in the past year, there has been a series of expansion proposals is put forward, and ultimately no one from the bitcoin community fully agree, this means that there are also obvious doubts about the proposal.


However, some people think that this is at least a path forward.


Shape Shift CEO and co-founder Eric A. (Wallis Erik Voorhees ) Is one of the agreement signed by the company, he told Coindesk :


  “I almost entirely agree with this view, I don’t care how people choose the road for bitcoin, I just want something to happen, bitcoin continued stalemate has been two years, I witnessed the isolation of supporters, I get this support larger blocks through bifurcation hard case.”


Some people think that with the rate of increase in the use of bitcoin block chain, network costs rising, so more inclined to this solution. Here, various views have differences, most of which comes from the economic cost of the network how to work and who should pay the costs of these differences.

Bitcoin network and start-up company needs the same?

Wallet provider Airbitz The CEO and co-founder Paul A. (Bei Paul Puey ) said that because of his company suffered, although his start-up companies in the press time has not signed this agreement, he is still “full support” the proposal. As the wallet operators, its customers and the company itself has been more and more high transaction costs in feeling, this is because they cannot control the upgrade by.


Beckham said: “all those who believe that bitcoin cannot support more trading volume is also very good, I think they’re wrong very strange. At present, I am trying to push something happens.”


Other people don’t agree with this point of view, Blockstream This A. (Gore Leake Ben Gorlick ) said, isolation witness offers significant benefits for trading ability.


Bitcoin can split?

Gore Leake’s statement also suggests that the proposal of another side effect — there is no broad agreement on action may have the risk of bitcoin network is divided into two.


If not everyone agrees, “bifurcate” controversial could split into two chains, which is the specific content of the earlier proposal to stop. Some people, such as Samson A. No, believe that this result can also prevent the proposal.


Other people say it is worth the risk of a stroke.


Network founder Joseph lightning A. (P Joseph Poon ) said, he does not support any party, but from past negotiation experience point of view, he believes that this proposal will make the network on a may lead to two bitcoin blockchain split road.


Joseph A. (P Joseph Poon ) said: “from the way of exchanges between the two sides, the bifurcation seems inevitable, the real battle will be who will be called bitcoin.”


If you do what will happen?


stay Two thousand and seventeen Consensus conference, BitPay CEO Stephen A. (Pell Stephen Pair ) said that he believes that the market should decide which block chain called bitcoin”. He mentioned BitPay May choose to support two bitcoin at the same time in a period of time, even if he thinks that one will win another.

The two chains can coexist?

Some people say that the network economy will not support such a result. (Situozike Storzc ) said: “there will be two different market price of bitcoin, their total market value of all the same as the original, but a more valuable than another, but a smaller value will not be enough to get the miners profit.”


Although the etheric Fang ( Ethereum ) had a split, but critics pointed out that bitcoin’s unique design — take longer time to reset, could mean the same thing will happen.


Others continue to agree, this result may not happen. In addition to economics, there may be technical problems will hinder the change made to bitcoin.

Professor Ferdinando Ametlano of Politecn Milan ( Ferdinando Ametrano ) said: “I think people are not really promote the bifurcation of the vast majority of people, so they will not do. Finally, it may be better. Bitcoin may be as good as now, Core Unable to activate isolated witness, start-up companies can not get 2MB These are, in strengthening bitcoin really not variable this idea.”

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