The new software is expected to resolve the SegWit2x bifurcation problems: bitcoin prices rebound

The new software is expected to resolve the SegWit2x bifurcation problems: bitcoin prices rebound

Because the miners began to use new software, to avoid the bitcoin bifurcation problems, bitcoin began to climb.

In the past 2 years, the problem of expanding the beetle has not been resolved, this problem hinders the growth of bitcoin, how to solve this problem? The bitcoin community’s views are not consistent.

There is now a new software named SegWit2x, it seems to be a compromise reached between the two sides of the debate. One is the miners, they used a computer to verify the expensive transaction, is the backbone of the blockchain; one is the bitcoin core developers, they propped up bitcoin defect free software. Although both sides want to form a consensus, but because bitcoin is not “centralization” mechanism, so agree quite difficult.

At 2:22 p.m. New York time (19 am Beijing time 2:22), bitcoin transaction price of approximately $2348, before rising to $2356. At the end of the week, bitcoin exchange in Coinbase prices fell to $1758. This year, bitcoin prices have doubled, June 12th was approaching $3000.

SegWit2x weekend has been officially launched, the ant mine pool (Antpool), bitcoin China (BTCC), letter (Bixin) and other large pools of mine support. CoinDance is a monitoring site, monitoring its blockchain activities, according to its data provided by SegWit2x within 24 hours of digging about 55% blocks. If the support rate of 80% and can be maintained for more than 2 days, bitcoin will be easier to avoid bifurcation.

Bitcoin exchange Gatecoin leader Thomas Glucksmann (ThomasGlucksmann) said: “traders optimistic about this is expected to solve the problems of bifurcation solutions, it can solve the dispute, so the price will rise.”

Although the SegWit2x made some progress, there are still people who warned that the problem was not solved completely. Many bitcoin core developers remain opposed to the software, they think the software did not seriously check loopholes. Not all bitcoin miners are SegWit2x, they think the new software is not perfect, does not solve the problem completely expansion.

Digital currency broker BinaryFinancial managing partner Harry Ye (HarryYeh) said: “the price rise is just a rebound, because of many reasons, we see in the short term bitcoin.” Harry Ye believes the lack of core developer support is one of the biggest worries. He also said: “every time the price rising fast, is associated with the strong adjustment, what we see is this adjustment. Within a short period of time, we will enter the turbulent period.”

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