The new thinking of bitcoin bifurcation

The new thinking of bitcoin bifurcation

Since the bifurcation, why not use your brain a design a new path: 1, since the energy waste machine, why not design become gold book? Since 2, to the center of the center, against a variety of ways: mining, developers. Why change the algorithm once and for all?

ZEROBITCOIN (ZTC) is part of the bitcoin bifurcation point of the new electronic cash system. Bitcoin code based development. All the source code.

1, block chain data bitcoin continues to work in ZTC.

2, POW algorithm will be changed to EquiHash. Try to avoid stress center. True to the center of the target.

3, bitcoin automatic to the old for the new ZTC, locked for 6 months.

4, continue to issue 2 billion 100 million ZTC.

5, every 2 minutes a block.

6, a rule. Every 2 minutes a day, 720 block.

Block award in 2 stages:

1, the slow mining stage in order to stress the steady growth, the slow mining mechanism, 25000 blocks before the reward is less, the thread increments to 1000 coins. Slow mining stage is divided into 2 stages: (1) the first 12500 block, block 1 bonus is 0.0005 dollars, with a high degree of linear increase, the increase is 0.05 dollars, 12500 bonus is 499.95 yuan. (2) 12500~24999 pieces of 10000 bonus is 500, with a high degree of linear increase, the increase is 0.05 dollars, 24999 bonus is 1000 yuan. The first 25000 blocks total reward is 1250000 dollars, equivalent to a normal block, 12500 block of the total reward. 12500 blocks need time is about 17.3 days, slow mining period (25000 blocks) is about 34.7 days.

2, block 25000 block normal reward from the start, the reward is 1000 dollars reward in accordance with each of the 1050000 block (every 4 years) by half, first half of the reward calculation block block height increased by 12500, the 1062500 block is the first half, every 1050000 blocks in half, and so on.

7, using zero knowledge proof. Provide alternative cash and the same.

8, the time 5 times faster. Equivalent to the current bitcoin 5M. to support a large number of transactions. At the same time to speed up the speed of recognition.

9, bitcoin code based on. Quickly upgrade 0.13.1. support SEGWIT.

10, the community together for ZTC to provide more functions, to achieve the first goal of electronic currency on the internet.

11, the development team will receive 5% mining reward as development costs in the first half cycle, i.e. 2.5% of all currency output.

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