The number of banks in Greece was hacked, was asked to deliver the ransom in bitcoin

The number of banks in Greece was hacked, was asked to deliver the ransom in bitcoin

According to the Greek police and the Central Bank of the country said that hackers in five days for the three Greek banks were three attacks, three banks are required to pay 20000 coins (worth 7 million euros).

A self proclaimed ArmadaCollective (armada) Gang launched on Thursday for the first time after the attack to the bank for bitcoin ransom, and threatened that if the bank refuses to pay, the bank’s website will suffer a total collapse, the three banks list has not yet been announced.

Police officials said the hacker Gang the initial attack is a distributed denial of service, causes the bank website full service request, the final collapse under pressure. On Thursday, they upset the electronic transactions of three banks in a short period of time, but the customer information in a timely manner to protect undisclosed.

The official said on Monday: “because there was no bank to respond to the hacker gang in the blackmail and impose exactions on, so the weekend and today again try to attack,” but at the same time we have also strengthened the protection measures, there was no disturbing situation.”

A central bank official said, from the Greek central bank’s network of experts and from the electronic police crime unit continues to monitor bank’s computer system.

With the rapid development of Internet banking, the Greek government introduced capital controls in June, in order to control the phenomenon of bank runs, to protect the financial system, reduce the risk of Greece leaving the euro. Since then, there have been more than 200000 new Internet accounts were registered, so that customers of domestic transactions more convenient.

A senior Greek banker said: “although these attacks are extremely serious, improve safety, increase the capacity of the site but we are still in the local Internet service providers to help.”

Network security group NCC technical director Paul (PaulVlissidis) said that the armada created a number of attacks in recent months, its purpose is to the network security is poor, vulnerable to extort money from the company.

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