The original fire coins CTO launched technology blockchain fund capital singer”

The original fire coins CTO launched technology blockchain fund capital singer”


Recently, the original fire advocate CTO Zhang Jian, Mr. Tao Yuan coin passes economy as well as a number of venture investment industry elite jointly initiated the establishment of the singer capital. As a combination of technology and capital, The singer capital Focusing the blockchain disruptive opportunity based on.

The singer is committed to the use of capital block The chain of ideas and technology definition and management of capital.

The singer’s name from the “body” singer in the civilization. This is a civilization far above the earth and the presence of trisomy. Especially the use of weapons reduction, stunning. Zhang Jian said, compared with the Internet, have reduced dimension chain block strike capability, more direct, more pure, more powerful. Our goal is through double technology + capital driven, enabling all hope in the direction of the layout of the capital chain block and enterprises, promote the development and prosperity of the industry.”

The singer for capital location Technology type fund

Whether it is business or capital, collaboration between people are the core. The power block chain technology is the most used technical means of collaboration system remodeling. The singer as technical capital fund And is committed to the use of the blockchain concept and technology definition and management of capital. “While emphasizing the technology we should also see that the essence of Finance and principle will not change, so we set up a technology, industry, investment, including investment banking, financial and legal background of the professional team. This is our advantage is our location.” Zhang Jian said.

The singer Capital Partners team

Zhang Jian

Before the fire coins network CTO Bo Chen, founder and chairman, members of the Ministry Chinese block chain technology and Industry Development Forum Expert Committee, the International Department of Telecommunication Standardization (ITU-T) distributed architecture technology books focus group responsible person, “blockchain: define the new pattern of financial and economic future” author, “financial technology: combined with the author reconstructs the future financial ecosystem”.

Tao Yuan

Vianet (NYSE:VNET) founder and chairman, Zhongguancun block chain industry alliance chairman, deputy director of the Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute, the blockchain “passes economy” put forward and advocate.

Lin Kui Cheong

Graduated from University of Hong Kong, served as Huarun group CFO, Longhu real estate CFO, Merrill Lynch (Asia Pacific) vice president, research analyst at ChinaVest.

Lee Si Chen

Graduated from University of Pennsylvania.

Guo Qin your

Law School of Peking University and LLM EMBA of Harvard University School of economics and management Tsinghua University, access to a lawyer. The famous FIT (new finance, Internet, new technology) lawyers, legal experts blockchain. The author of “Internet financial business model and architecture”, “Internet financial principle and practice” and “financial and legal risk control” and other more than 10 works.

Liu Jian

Graduated from Tsinghua University, served as vice president of LIAN Yongxuan investment, Peking University Medical Department is responsible for channel strategy, block chain early investors.

[source] financial network

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