The outbreak of the new virus has spread to many.

The outbreak of the new virus has spread to many.


According to foreign media news on Tuesday October 25th, a “Bad Rabbit” ransomware attacks, resulting in the number of states of the European computer system was frozen, and has already begun to spread to the United states. This is the latest wave of malware attacks, such attacks since this year has made enterprises and government departments to complain incessantly.

This software called “Bad Rabbit” (BadRabbit), is a kind of ransomware ransomware will suffer; computer file encryption, let the computer can not be used to pay the ransom demand. Required to pay 0.05 bitcoins this ransomware ($275), but after the payment of ransom is decrypting computer files is not clear.

Czech Virus Inc AvastSoftwares.r.o. said Tuesday night, the software has begun to spread to the United states. Also on Tuesday, the computer emergency response team of the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning, said it had received a report of infection.

Security researchers said, update the Flash multimedia products the ransomware Chengaoduobi camouflage systems, a spread through the network will try to download the victim computer.

Security researchers said Tuesday evening, the attack has spread to Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey and Germany. Nikitin said the victims included Russia’s Interfax news agency (Interfax), Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine subway system, Odessa International Airport and Ukraine’s Ministry of infrastructure.

The Virus Inc Symantec researchers LiamO’Murchu said, bad rabbits have some of the same with the Petya virus code; Petya virus in June this year to the global enterprise caused chaos.

But security experts said that this wave of attacks not latest may cause Petya’s level of global destruction.

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