The peak of $20000 a bitcoin, whether can return to the starting point of $0.0008?

In 2009 when bitcoin first appeared, with almost $1 can buy 1300 gold coins. According to reports, the success of 10 thousand bitcoins in a IT worker drawing le – May 2010 in the American state of Florida hanyecz change to two piece of pizza. Now this has not established the virtual currency trading mechanism, but there are people like him to accept payment in return.

From the beginning of bitcoin born, prices experienced a roller coaster at shock stage:

2017 years before the market

But after 2017 bitcoin is explosive when soaring, by the end of the year December 16, 2017, the overall market value of bitcoin hit a record $326 billion 500 million, a bitcoin can change more than $20000 at the time, the price is beyond all expectations.

2017 – 2018 price fluctuation

Many people say, one year time is too long, the change of all the things that could dramatically, so this thing is not surprising in the bitcoin who was like a raging fire. By December 18, 2018, a bitcoin only for less than $3500, this price is less than a year before the change.

For nine years, bitcoin from once a dollar can No one shows any interest in, will be able to change the 1300 worthless peasant, has become a rarity for a value of $20000 as the acme of perfection. Imperceptibly, it’s worth has doubled 2600 million times, could be scared out of everyone’s chin.

But we all thought it would be a miracle when again, it is just a backhand hit, only one year, from the top of the hill “” fell to the bottom”. Directly from the highest point down more than 80%, can indeed be called a crash. But we have to take a look at its low starting point almost negligible, even the price today, it can be counted as the product profits soared 450 thousand times. It is not to fall into the “bottom”, now the price is still halfway up.

Of course, we cannot deny the great significance to the location: bitcoin is to the center based on the point to point network and consensus initiative, open source code, to block chain as the underlying technology of encryption currency from Nakamoto published in 2008 about bitcoin the beginning of creation block was born. Has a strong guiding role for the future development of new technology, it is also the birth of a sensation in the world.

In this regard, we feel that the next day would bitcoin unable to get up after a fall back to the original starting point? This product will also foam flying once the tulip day smoke jade like?

The author believes that bitcoin no longer have the courage, not as early as a few cycles each fall will explode higher highs. The $20000 level height should be historical height, the state will not tired again over the high point. But in the end can not return to the beginning of the world not worth a hair? I think the process is too long, if it could fall to that level, I will go to buy a few dollars a souvenir.

The original is not easy, and hope a lot of attention and comments.

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