The people of Maryland through the automatic teller machine bitcoin car turned out to be.

The people of Maryland through the automatic teller machine bitcoin car turned out to be.

According to NBC4 reports from Washington, a Maryland people to buy a second-hand car recently because of being cheated.

This guy called JeromeHarrell he is not familiar with bitcoin. He had seen someone selling Chevrolet online in 1955.

When Harel saw the car back to Vietnam veterans at a price of $3000 on the sale, he is very interested in. He learned that the car is from the seller after the divorce property distribution income, determine the car information accurately. The seller told him that he should use the Google electronic wallet payment vehicles, within three days of delivery sellers will be from the state of West Virginia.

Harrell received a formal invoice Google electronic wallet. He used in WAL-MART’s invoice indicating bitcoin payment ATM.

The seller asked, “payment must be provided in the following by bitcoin ATM store payment.”

Google electronic wallet have also received a payment message.

Harel in WAL-MART see bitcoin ATMs further assured, he thinks it is legitimate.

“Everything is perfect,” he told reporters.

Harel paid the seller $4400 requires the use of bitcoin ATM. Three days later, when the car did not arrive as expected, he realized that he was cheated. When he was sent by email to the seller, he did not reply. When he contacted the Google electronic wallet, they told him that Google does not support the use of bitcoin, he realized that cheated.

The NBC4 Washington correspondent reported the matter and release. At the end of the story, she told the audience to be alert to “too good not true” proposal.

Audiences have been told to stick by e-mail to communicate the seller should be vigilant.

In addition, carefully check the e-mail, because fraudsters can make email looks like from legitimate. Harrel L received a Google electronic wallet seems to be the official email.

Now, Harel has given up on 1955 Chevrolet search.

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