The popularity of bitcoin only three simple steps

The popularity of bitcoin only three simple steps

As a new generation of currency, bitcoin is better than the traditional currency in many ways. Bitcoin is to trust the private transaction, irreversible, efficient and deflation. However, if you can not get the real application, even the wonderful invention would become meaningless. At present, the public is still the common currency “real money”. In order to change the status quo, the application must first spread bitcoin.

In order to achieve this goal, subtle deployment is inevitable. If you simply say “bitcoin better come with bitcoin.” and what a big change will not. On the other hand, if a step by step to set up encrypted currency in the world economy, so that every step of the development will be more controllable and more down-to-earth.


The first step: bitcoin is useful (currency, bitcoin, currency, target)

The first step is to create a bitcoin value of a financial intermediary transaction. Its use is included in the eGifter or Gyft sites (both to accept bitcoin payments) to buy gift cards, wallet shopping on Amazon, and cross-border remittances, or to pay the contract without bank accounts.

The above transactions either are not wanted or hold bitcoin, nevertheless, they still must use bitcoin to achieve a specific function. For example, using bitcoin to buy gift cards or in the Amazon shopping discount will be more, bitcoin remittance costs lower efficiency is higher, with bitcoin payment of wages is no choice, because the contract workers receive money limited.

This suggests that bitcoin is a useful tool in a specific environment. Even if some people don’t think that bitcoin is a currency, don’t even think bitcoin is valuable, he can also realize the practicality, bitcoin this way, he will need to buy bitcoin for some. In the course of time, consumers in the brain will form a kind of fixed thinking: bitcoin is useful.

The second step: bitcoin is valuable (bitcoin, currency, target)

Once the crypto currency is widely used and adequate supply, we can start to build the transaction. The initial purpose is bitcoin transactions, then the money. People benefit from bitcoin, bitcoin can be used frequently, even though no one had direct contact with.

Now we will directly use bitcoin for financial transactions, the receiver can be converted directly to or from selling bitcoin. This process will create transaction processing business similar to the BitPay, they can receive real-time conversion and bitcoin transactions, provide some trading tips, also increasing the ability to believe bitcoin.

Establish a belief through this step: bitcoin itself is valuable. Bitcoin is not only a trading tool, or you could sell hedging products. As long as there is the use of specific goals, bitcoin has become a worthy thing, no matter what the conditions are the same. So it becomes now: bitcoin is valuable.

The third step: bitcoin is the currency (bitcoin, target)

The last step is the bitcoin popularity of the road will be used in exchange for goods and services, ensure the exchange in the state, until the ultimate goal. On the one hand, including the direct use of bitcoin to buy goods and services, persuaded the company to hold bitcoin (for the payment of wages etc.).

The first bitcoin transaction as a trigger specific tool to obtain the practicality; then bitcoin because it can be directly converted into money to buy goods and services and get the final value; bitcoin can be directly used for the purchase of goods and services, to achieve the ultimate goal: bitcoin is the currency.

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