The price of bitcoin (BTC) is still fluctuating. When will it reach an all-time high?

BTC ා bitcoin ා continued to consolidate horizontally and showed high volatility. Over the past 24 hours, prices have risen 2.74% to $37245. The market value has risen to $685 billion, and bitcoin’s dominance has risen slightly to 66.27%. BTC / USD bitcoin trader “ytedd” warned that bitcoin may now be charting bullish patterns before entering a major correction. In this case, the “weak hand” will be eliminated and prices will fall further due to panic selling. Whales can be bought back cheaply and then pushed up to $50000. On the other hand, Jonny MOE predicts that bitcoin is nearing completion of the integration phase, after which it may test the $50000 mark in the next few months. He believes that a strong correction will be made only after reaching this important psychological threshold, during which the price of bitcoin may fall by as much as 50%, causing a massive wave of panic selling. “Cryptoirb” also describes that bitcoin will continue to grow in 2021 as fundamentals remain bullish. He believes that it is realistic for the price to rise to $50000 by the middle of the year, but bitcoin needs to break through the strong resistance of $42000 to do so.

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