The price of bitcoin (BTC) reached an all-time high of $29300 and was close to the $30000 mark

A few hours ago, bitcoin prices reached a record high of $29300, close to the important psychological price of $30000. In the past 24 hours, BTC recorded 3.99% of revenue, which was $28967 at the time of writing. The market value has risen to $537 billion. Many bitcoin experts expect bitcoin to reach the $30000 mark in the next few days due to its strong fundamentals. “Big chonis trading” is also in this camp, but in a new video update, he points out to his followers that bitcoin prices will definitely be corrected. In his view, bitcoin may be revised to $25000. Therefore, traders should be vigilant. Trader “ytedd” is also pleased with the excellent price rise and profits so far. However, he urged the community to be cautious because he believed that the price increase might be too fast rather than organic. He predicted that the ongoing correction could last for weeks and would remove the courage of many investors in the bull market. In addition, there are a large number of sell orders on the world’s largest exchanges, with prices ranging from $29300 to $29500, so corrections are likely to be made once bitcoin enters this range. General Byzantine, a trader, shared a picture on twitter that provided a good overview of the order books of the exchanges. In addition, some large transactions were observed, sending bitcoin to the exchange. This may indicate that some whales want to realize their profits and cash in. However, it is uncertain when or at what price level this event will occur.

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