The price of bitcoin is still falling and the price of the ether square and EOS is also a new low.

In recent days, bitcoins continue to shake down and continue to create new lows, down 100 dollars from yesterday’s support platform, to a minimum of $3700. And this has been a similar market after the third wave after December, a small shock after a small dive, a rapid pull up and a sustained downregulation of the support, such a cycle. The persistence of multiple parties is broken and the strength of the rebound is becoming smaller and smaller, which eventually forms a continuous downward trend. And the funds in the disk continue to outflow significantly, the measure is low, the multiparty weakness, and not very active to fight, but in the passive retreat, small level concussion.

Short term downtrend will continue, or slightly refresh the bottom of the bottom of November, the current need to pay attention to the support of about 3700 dollars, and many parties have not enough food.

According to the data measured by PeckShield, at 0:34 in the morning at 0:34 in the early morning, there was a transfer of up to 230 thousand ETH in the ether workshop, which was worth $25 million 450 thousand. At the end of November, the 0xbf09d7 address was found to be the site of the creation of the ether mill, and at the end of November, more than 20 million ETH were turned out to two addresses, including the receiving address, 0xe44152, and the address 0xbf09d7 was emptied. According to the 0xe44152 address, only two transactions have occurred. At present, it is not clear that the address is attributable to the address. It is presumed that the allocation of the team within the Tai Fang team and the follow-up will continue to be traced.

By 6 p. m. on December 6th, the total market value of the digital money market was $122 billion 610 million, according to CoinMarketCap data, a decrease of $2 billion 420 million from yesterday’s total market value, a 1.93% decrease from the total market value, and a total market transaction of $14 billion 920 million, an increase of 12.24% from yesterday’s $1 billion 630 million.

Today, the major stable currency changes are as follows, of which the present price of USDT is 1 US dollars, up 0.69%; the other 4 kinds of stable currencies TUSD, USDC, PAX rebound, TUSD, USDC, PAX present price up to more than $1.01, and GUSD decline 0.42% present price to 1 US dollars. TUSD, GUSD and USDC increase the circulation of money, and PAX reduces the circulation of money by 11 million again.

The market value of the top 100 of the top 100 of the block chain technology network has risen by 21, and the decline of 39 digital currencies is within the range of the number, and the average number of digital currencies falls by 3.17%. Linkey rose 19.65%, Factom rose 15.87% times; Bitcoin Cash decline 13.51% performance of the worst, Aeternity 12.80% times.

Bitcoin continues to be arranged in the downlink, the hourly line goes out of a large number of straight down trends, although the two sides are weak, but still can be in the low passive saw, the small level “friendship war”. There is a pressure of $3900 on the current bitcoin, with a $3750 support, but a downward trend or a difficult change, with a focus on the $3750-3700 support belt. If the empty side is in the early low, it will form a small rebound, or will recover $4000.

The main net inflow of 24 hours is RMB 36 million 930 thousand, and the net outflow is 538 million RMB.

The ether Fang fell 3.75% in the early morning, and the later Tai fang had a huge transfer, and 230 thousand ETH were transferred from the creation address of the ether Fang. Although the transfer is not the cause of the shock, but it is not clear that the original address of a large transfer of the purpose of the transfer, so it is still a time bomb.

The short term ETH trend continues down, and it has fallen below the bottom of November, and is down to $100, to $96.23.

The net outflow of 24 hours is 67 million 430 thousand RMB, and the net outflow is 464 million RMB.

EOS continues to struggle in the downlink, although the recent rebound in the small level market is still in, but the overall market is still a continuing decline. After EOS’s main network is online, DApp days live more than ETH in September 18th, and after two months, EOS DApp days are nearly 9 times as much as ETH. But the two are now like a pair of misery brothers, falling in the market. In the context of the city of big bear, profit can not be converted to market value, even gradually denounced as a false demand, even the other two items of BM, BTS and STEEM, can be seen that the belief in EOS has gradually been replaced by the painful reality.

By the end of 6, according to TokenInsight data, 4 of the 27 block chain industry sectors of the 5 major categories rose. Among them, the “information technology service platform” industry plate average increase of 7.70% performance is the best, “energy and mining application” industry plate on average 6.81% times. The “governance agreement” industry plate, the average decline of 10.88% performance of the worst, the “de centralization exchange” industry plate average decline of 6.76% times.

There is a great risk in the investment of digital assets. This article aims to transfer more market information and do not constitute any investment proposal.

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