The railway departments are exploring the feasibility of bitcoin payment

The railway departments are exploring the feasibility of bitcoin payment

It is self-evident that all forms of public transport are the use of a unified payment mode will make to the benefit of global consumers. In Britain, the situation may soon change. The concept of intelligent ticketing system is quite interesting, but bitcoin will make everyone buying process more smoothly.

A new intelligent ticketing system in Britain

A unified application traffic to all the way to travel card will be of great use to buy a ticket, so that you don’t have to take the bus, take the train to buy another ticket. However, these industries are not state-owned, so they will be very difficult to be unified under one flag. In fact, there is no country in the world can make a ticketing system applicable to all traffic mode. Although the oyster card in the UK is a very useful means of payment — whether for local residents or foreign tourists, but it is only suitable for the subway and the limited ground transportation system. But now, the way to travel so varied, not all of the journey will start or end in london.

After the launch of the new intelligent ticketing system in the whole territory of the United Kingdom, consumers can carry out contactless payment based on pay as you go on. This means that any bus or train travel, travel is a combination of various traffic tools can be easily accessible to pay.

There is no doubt that what has never been a major problem with contactless payment on short trips, because the fare will be very low. But at the mention of long-distance travel, public transport fares suddenly soaring. A train can easily let you spend 50 pounds, in fact not so long journey.

The railway industry and the joint project of the contactless card industry will further tap the possibility. If everything goes smoothly, even season tickets are also available to buy through the contactless payment way, in the long run, but also can eliminate the need to print their own ticket passengers.

Bitcoin will make contactless payment becomes very meaningful

When it comes to non contact or mobile payment, it is difficult to find a way to apply to all UK travelers solutions. Especially for local and foreign tourists, there is no uniform payment so that they can easily buy tickets. But bitcoin is currently the world’s only a need for global currency exchange, so it can provide solutions.

If the British railway operators are planning to explore the possibility of contactless payment, bitcoin should be used as a feasible way to pay attention. Most mobile devices bitcoin users are equipped with a wallet, and most intelligent mobile phone can be contactless payment. Only the two wonders of technology as a unified to make all people they want to use the money to buy ecosystem public transport tickets, everything will become meaningful.

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