The rapid development of Africa bitcoin, or will enter the mobile payment

The rapid development of Africa bitcoin, or will enter the mobile payment


The recent development of some African countries bitcoin is particularly active, there are indications that the next few years, the region’s mobile money market will be more dependent on bitcoin technology, according to the relevant data show that in 2016 the area of mobile payment users reached 101 million 340 thousand.

According to the results of the 2015 survey by Ernst & Young Africa attractive display, 2013 to 2014 years in Africa received a total capital investment of $128 billion, a total increase of 136% compared to the previous, foreign direct investment assets to provide new jobs for 188 thousand and 400 people, compared to the previous growth of 68%.

South Africa’s co-founder Chankura ThabangMashiloane revealed that $128 billion, about 13% are through the remittance transfer into circulation in Africa, many Africans living abroad have no bank account, so if African countries can solve the problem of block chain infrastructure problems, so these people certainly benefit a lot.

Mashiloane when accepting bitcoin media Cointelegraph interview bold prediction:

“I believe that bitcoin will spread across the continent.”

He also said: “mobile money market in Africa is still a relatively good development of the industry, the biggest drawback is to hinder the development of global financial markets lack of communication. Now there is bitcoin, whether a person is Jiacaiwanguan or destitute, Harvard is no culture or illiterate, have the opportunity to enter the global financial market. One of the most simple way to buy Wall Street stocks. African farmers can even use bitcoin and smart contracts, easily trade with any corner of the world people. These are the mobile money before or traditional banking to do things.”

Block chain experts BellajBadr Morocco said the day after South Africa and sub Saharan African countries south of the use of bitcoin will greatly increase, these countries are using the popularity of digital currency, bitcoin development prospects of many enterprises is bright, South Africa’s ICE3X and BitX are well developed in the bitcoin company. BitPesa has also set up a number of things in the non branch.

Badr said: “I am 100 percent sure that Africa bitcoin revolution has begun, and finally bitcoin technology can certainly pay that like Africa Mobile, a successful road to success.”

Mashiloane said bitcoin in Africa mobile money has caused a revolution in the field, will soon become a pillar of a new generation of African Financial industry.

He also took the example of Kenya, claiming that the traditional banking industry in these areas is how to develop, one of the main reasons is because these countries banking infrastructure are too expensive, and said:

“Mobile money enterprises compared with the bank, the cost is expected to be less than 70%. But now there is bitcoin, the infrastructure investment company in the early bitcoin technology of financial enterprises, will also than mobile money companies generally much less. As I mentioned earlier, in the face of the new pattern of financial market future, the bitcoin financial enterprises need to strengthen to provide infrastructure bitcoin business cooperation, the only way to do promotion including the payment of loans, remittances, market development of insurance and other related companies to block chain etc..”

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