The real game bitcoin money, only 3 people.

The real game bitcoin money, only 3 people.


In the currency of the circle, in addition to bitcoin, there are many different kinds of copycat coins, the price difference is very great and even have a different price limit. To survive long in the currency circle, first of all to learn a lot of knowledge, accumulated rich experience, summed up a set of methods for their operation.

Whether it is short-term or long-term investors, have experienced several months or even years of hard work, the pain of training, in order to bitcoin world summed up their own mode of operation. As the saying goes, to do good work, we must first of its profits, the correct operation can let us keep the principal, as far as possible to avoid the risk of unknown.

Xiao Bian summed up the operation characteristics of three kinds of successful people

For friends reference

The characteristics of 1, middle short-term technical people thinking operation

Technical knowledge and skills they have higher levels of wagner. Always have a calm heart, have any waves can not interfere with his rhythm. The trader has its own plan and discipline, and strictly abide by.

Never trust anyone hearsay. The habit of quick response to the emergence of real-time Kanpan, the opportunities and risks, resolutely. Have investment experience, to the analysis of the current market sentiment.

Summary: their ability to have sensitive smell and accurate judgment on the news and policy.

Note: this operation is the people who need long-term training in bitcoin investment, has experienced many failures and heart pain. Don’t spend time learning is impossible. For most investors, always think that their knowledge is enough, the dream has become the people but they are too strategizing, believe their ability and God will give his luck, when they understand, have to eat a lot of losses.

So Xiaobian remind is, bitcoin investment, should pay more attention to the current international policy and will affect the price of bitcoin news (such as Britain’s European and American election etc.)

2, the long-term operation of the line of thinking

These people generally have a stable source of income, do not rely on currency speculation to sustain life. But the best is very busy, no time to see the market, don’t focus on frequent operation. (the objective is to avoid the long-term concern about the price, so as to influence the psychological operation. No good attitude, no good operation).

The long-term operation of the people not to be tempted by the great interest, a contented heart is enough. They never go gambling, not to guess tomorrow, they are the principle of sound. They are concerned about what time to buy, what profit to the satisfaction of their own to sell.

They have the ability of analyzing knowledge and investment bitcoin technology. (not like so many traders, the average short-term buy in knowledge and technology learned enough, of course, if the bitcoin and basic analysis on future policy, market orientation judgment ability is better.)

Summary: center line operator discipline is very simple, buy low and sell high and buy low, sell high.

Select the market position of the high and low utilization of the thinking of ordinary people. As long as a month to hear the news, look at the situation surrounding the fried currency people profit, analysis of the historical position, to decide whether to enter the market.

3, the long-term thinking of operating conditions

Heard of bitcoin crash, they excitedly burst with joy to recognize the opportunity to come soon.

When bitcoin long sideways, in the history of the bottom. When all the news and the people around you are no longer talking about bitcoin, bitcoin color when we talk about……

At this time they are heavy (more than 50%) to buy, after all the time is scheduled to buy coins, until full warehouse.

To buy bitcoin, no longer frequent attention, only a month to see the price and trading volume at a time to buy their own, to decide the next step plan.

When all the people were talking about bitcoin gradually, especially investment in people never want to buy bitcoin, prove that the bull market has come, at this time to sell bitcoin, generally profitable, in 2015 a lot of people are doing so, even still hold bitcoin.

Note: the removal operation of the above methods, as well as bitcoin investment, it has been proved that, the knowledge is not comprehensive, do not understand bitcoin investors, investment investment is perhaps the most robust method. I understand the investment – Stamp

4, summary

Greed and fear is a person born bad, who can not completely control. The strong will of the people, can choose to try the first method. The rest of the people to overcome the bad habits, do the second kind of person is your best choice, but also more easily.

The above analysis is the general idea, and not a fixed pattern. Friends to develop their own thinking and practice. Bitcoin the myriads of changes, without any kind of technology and mode of operation is universal, in different period need to have different ways of thinking to deal with.

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