The real reason bitcoin blockchain industry heavyweights attended the May meeting to explore the bitcoin expansion differences

The real reason bitcoin blockchain industry heavyweights attended the May meeting to explore the bitcoin expansion differences

Recently, according to sources, a hope to solve the bitcoin expansion differences of the meeting will be held in May this year, the venue in the United States of New York.

Due to the bitcoin expansion debate has been deadlocked for nearly 3 years, and caused the bitcoin network congestion problem is serious at present, therefore the bitcoin industry opinion leaders, developers and bitcoin miners representatives resolution in May to organize a bitcoin development route meeting, they hope this meeting can improve the bitcoin expansion differences understanding.

Bitcoin blockchain industry heavyweights attended the meeting

It is reported that recently by members invited to participate in the meeting received a private message, they include bitcoin large famous Roger?, (RogerVer), Russian bitcoin block chain company Bitfury CEO Valeri? Waweiluofu (ValeryVavilov), bitcoin company coinbase CEO Brian? Alm Stone Pete (BrianArmstrong), block CEO chain company Smith (PeterSmith), bitcoin payment company BitPay CEO Stephen? Pierre (StephenPair), and bit, co-founder Wu Jihan etc..

In addition some unresolved list of known blocks including chain enterprises Bloq CEO Geoff? Jiaerzike (JeffGarzik), a representative of the bitcoin BitGo security platform, and digital currency group (DCG) CEO Barry Hill Bate (BarrySilbert)?.

According to media reports, some participants hope that the conference can improve their understanding of the differences of bitcoin expansion.

“I want a better understanding of those who want to make bitcoin hard bifurcation of people’s ideas, to understand their needs. I think hard bifurcation is not necessary, their goals may not need hard bifurcation can be realized. I want to hear this.” Bitcoin payment company BitPay CEO Stephen? Pierre (StephenPair) statements to the media.

There are industry heavyweights to participants

However, not every CEO will be invited to attend the meeting. Blockstream company CEO Adan? Beck (AdamBack) believes that this meeting is not intended to discuss, but “an economic problem”. So he decided not to attend the meeting.

Adan? Beck believes that bitcoin miners are to obtain huge profits from the current congestion bitcoin network congestion, because the longer the bitcoin traders need to pay a fee to the miners is more expensive. Beck suspicion is to expand the implementation of vested interest miners deliberately delayed isolation of witness.

But the market believes that Beck’s remarks may only indicate his position, while advocating the isolation of witness. After all, Blockstream is one of the largest employers in the BitcoinCore development team. Isolated witness is BitcoinCore developed solutions.

If you like Adan? Beck said, bitcoin miners are isolated by delaying witness to expand the vested interest, then why not to delay the bitcoin unlimited? Not to mention the current bitcoin unlimited support rate to exceed the isolation of many looks more like a witness, witness by isolation bitcoin infinite legs.

So far, trying to solve the “try bitcoin expansion argument” there have been many, but no one was successful. The real reason perhaps May meetings really proved where the differences between the two sides. To find a real solution, the meeting may be moving in the right direction to take the first step.

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