The recent bitcoin price trend and its influencing factors summary

The recent bitcoin price trend and its influencing factors summary

From last year to May this year, just more than a year, bitcoin prices rise from a staggering 400 US dollars now have reached more than 2500 dollars a piece.

Some users believe that some countries mainly due to the economic crisis led to the virtual currency demand resulting in bitcoin prices, while some users will think there is some investors to buy bitcoin.

Some professionals to express their views, summarize the reasons for bitcoin prices:

The impact of national policies in 2016, the RMB has been greatly devalued, so some people choose to increase the bitcoin virtual currency and other investment, China even became the largest bitcoin market worldwide. Bitcoin trading Chinese and other countries have also reduced further, investment is more simple.

Some companies began to pay attention to bitcoin platform, such as Microsoft and some game platform choose to join one of the bitcoin payment.

The economic impact of national events, such as the India bank notes crisis, so users will tend to choose to the center issued by the state agency control bitcoin.

In April 2014, Japan bitcoin payment has been listed as a legal category, holders of yen currency exchange to stimulate demand, further promoting bitcoin prices.

According to foreign media reports, Australia also intends to bitcoin as a currency, is expected to launch the relevant policies in the 17 years after July 1st. To improve the popularity of bitcoin use rate.

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