The rise of every new thing is never accepted, and bitcoin, too

Silicon Valley says that China should invest in whatever it forbids. It’s not a joke. This society needs the vast majority of people to be on their own, and a small number of people need to take risks and innovate. The reform started with the spitting of thousands of people. The former self-employed businesses were now bitcoin. Many people are saying that bitcoin is just a speculative product and not legal tender. The people who said these words really don’t know what to think. It’s not that currency is better than currency. It has a huge space to rise. However, the inflation of French currency will depreciate. In fact, the deposit bank is reversed. What’s the difference between the interest rate of deposit bank and that of your loan? In fact, the harvest of this society is just the bottom people who are honest and diligent in selling labor force. How many people earn 100 yuan a day and still have to get up early and work hard can really change anything? Can you buy a house with a salary of several thousand yuan a month? Maybe it’s better in a small city. You can stay at home after work. If you don’t go out and don’t have fun, you can save some money. You can grow vegetables by yourself. It’s hard to live frugally just to repay the 30-year mortgage. If the big cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou do not want to save money, not to mention 5000 monthly salary, tens of thousands of them can not save money. If the husband and wife do not have a monthly salary of more than 500000 yuan, it is very difficult for them to buy a house on their own. That is to say, efforts may be enough to eat and drink, but it is unrealistic to change class. Why are more and more people talking about bitcoin? Although too many people still think it’s a scam, it’s because of ambiguity that they have a chance. When Chinese aunts have all entered the hall, do you think you still have a chance? We should learn to accept and discover new things instead of rejecting and criticizing them. In January 2020, it only takes 10 bitcoins to exchange for a Tesla Model y worth 500000 RMB; in February 2020, it only takes 8 bitcoins to exchange for a Tesla Model y worth 500000 RMB with bitcoin of US $7200; in April 2020, bitcoin of US $6300 is exchanged for a Tesla Model of RMB 500000 Y only needs 12 bitcoins; in July 2020, bitcoin 11000 will cost only 7 bitcoins to exchange for a Tesla Model y worth 500000 RMB; in October 2020, bitcoin 13000 will cost only 6 bitcoins for a Tesla Model y worth 500000 RMB; in November 2020, bitcoin 19000 will be exchanged for a Tesla Model worth 500000 RMB Y only needs 4 bitcoins; in December 2020, bitcoin 29000 US dollars, for a Tesla Model y worth 500000 RMB, it only needs 2.6 bitcoins; in January 2021, bitcoin 42000, exchange for a Tesla Model worth 500000 RMB Y only needs two bitcoins; in February 2021, bitcoin broke through $50000 for the first time. It has to be mentioned that 2020 is the “first year” of bitcoin crazy investment. From $7200 at the beginning of the year to $50000 now, the speed of wealth explosion makes other investment products hard to match. From the beginning when no one asked about it, to now there are so many people, investment bank analysts even think it is only a matter of time before bitcoin’s value exceeds $100000 in the future. BTC is a “scam”. Why didn’t anyone come to cheat me earlier

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