The Russian border city request the Russian Central Bank support bitcoin payment requirements, bitcoin legalization

The Russian border city request the Russian Central Bank support bitcoin payment requirements, bitcoin legalization

The Russian central bank asked bitcoin legalization in Leningrad area, especially bordering Estonia and Finland area, so that visitors use bitcoin payment of goods and services.

In the surrounding St Petersburg Leningrad region of Russia, Vladimir Petrov is a representative of the area of the legislative assembly, Marlene Chistova is the leader of Islamic Qi area, and Victor Capenko is the mayor of ivangorod. According to local media reports, Visti (Vesti) last week, the three delegates officially asked the Russian banks “in Leningrad’s border areas will bitcoin bitcoin legalization, to facilitate the circulation and exchange”.

Three border area special named: Kingiseppsky, Slantsevsky and Vyborgsky. In the region, bordering the Kingiseppsky and Slantsevsky in Estonia and Vyborgsky, on the border with Finland. They are management center Kinsey Pu, Islamic Seth and Viborg. Petrov said, as Aziz news portal Abc said:

“Bitcoin legalization will increase Kingiseppsky and Slantsevsky area to neighboring Estonia and Viborg, located near the Finland border region attraction.”

Bitcoin economy across the border

Petrov explained that the contact area of Leningrad and a number of European Union countries, with bitcoin leading his country more than. He details the bitcoin in active application in Estonia.

However, transit passengers from border countries may not have the right money for the consumer, the news media reported in detail. He said that bitcoin legalized in the border areas, “can help increase the number of European and Russian tourists”. The media to convey the information of Petrov:

“Bitcoin legalized, visitors can stay in the border area, eat or gasoline in the car. The authorities plan to establish a bitcoin trading exchange in the border area, and set up special shops and cafes, you can pay by bitcoin. “

Visti (Vesti) reported that the Russian business Commissioner Dmitri Marichev (DmitryMarinichev) to support politicians lobbying bitcoin legalized in the Leningrad area of the idea. “In general, I support the use of bitcoin payment. Although this proposal is a character of populism, but I support this point, because there are a lot of people are beginning to understand its function, “he said (loosely translated), it provides a variety of new technology innovation.

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