The Russian BTC user fifth World Central Bank announced that it will block chain technology research

The Russian BTC user fifth World Central Bank announced that it will block chain technology research

Commentary: the runaway Russian economy, Russia has always been to let bitcoin maintain a strict attitude, repeatedly said it will take legal means to strict supervision of bitcoin related activities. Relatively speaking, the block chain technology with a relatively modest attitude, including Sberbank of Russia’s largest commercial bank also said publicly that seek to block chain alliance to join the leadership R3CEV block chain start-ups, currently the world’s 42 largest financial institutions have joined the alliance. With the Chinese central bank said it would issue a digital currency as a strategic goal, the Russian Central Bank also said that the public is very concerned about the block chain technology, and has become a special research group.

Translation: AnnieXu

The Russian central bank issued a plan that will analyze and evaluate the potential application of blockchain technology in financial industry.

On Sunday, the Russian central bank revealed that they had set up a working group on “innovation” advanced technology and financial market, the goal is to study in the field of distributed technology, mobile phone books the development of technology and methods of payment.

This news report at the same time, some Russian public groups are advocates of alternative currency is prohibited, including digital currency. Russian officials had a number of agencies for the development of the technology concerned. Including the Russian fiscal policy regulators, the Russian Ministry of finance; the state legislature, the State Duma members; criminal investigation organization, the investigation committee.

On the contrary, the Russian central bank has a positive attitude to the technology. As early as 2014 had issued a cautious statement.

A statement of the Russian Central Bank Vice President OlgaSkorobogatov said: “the development of modern financial market and financial technology are inseparable”.

“Financial service is fast and digital, new business models, ecological and market participants in the financial services industry” are changing consumer behavior”.”

The working group plans to hold regular meetings to discuss the use of self regulatory organizations of new financial technology and other financial market participants and bank representatives.

The governor of Russia’s central bank: ElviraNabiullina

Russia’s central bank governor ElviraNabiullina earlier this month issued a statement: “the central bank is” closely monitoring “block chain technology, in order to find the suitable financial innovation mode”.”

The growth of user groups

Then Russia’s official news agency, Tass News Agency (Tass) report last week, the statement Sunday aroused a heated discussion. The statement said that Russia’s digital currency users ranked fifth in the world.

Vice chairman of the Russian State Duma security and Anti Corruption Commission AndreiLugovoi said: “the current global number and digital currency bitcoin users was 200 thousand, of which the United States and Russia, China accounted for a larger proportion (by his numbers, Russia ranks should be fourth instead of fifth).”

“Although Russia had a negative attitude to the digital currency, now began to support bitcoin cautious and see its economic potential”.”

On the other hand, although the Russian Ministry of Finance acknowledged the potential role of block chain technology in the financial industry, a series of statements it was condemned in bitcoin technology.

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