The Russian government is expected to cancel bitcoin sanctions policy

The Russian government is expected to cancel bitcoin sanctions policy

Russia intends to cancel the regulatory bitcoin users to implement the provisions of criminal punishment.

According to the Russian Interfax news agency (Interfax) reported that the Russian Ministry of finance, the central bank and other government agencies have expressed support for the proposal.

According to reports, various government representatives are preparing to submit to Russian President Putin in a report to cancel the bill.

If the report is true, the incident will make Russia completely negative image out of the currency and other currencies to suppress encryption options, the bitcoin users impose administrative fines and criminal penalties of the rumours will collapse of itself.

Reported that the Russian government issued in 2014 and 2015 document, introduced the legal subject of digital currency will face heavy fines of $twenty-five thousand, while those involved in digital asset transactions will be subject to individual labor reform punishment.

However, the above government representatives to fully persuade countries to abandon sanctions bitcoin, they may also need to do more research.

Interfax wrote in the report:

At the same time, Fellow Deputies that the supervision of the use of virtual currency is very necessary. The risk of illegal criminals against other currencies choice also need further study. Therefore, if necessary, the proposal should modify the terms of design supervision law.

The Russian Ministry of finance once bitcoin’s attitude is very tough, many times to explicitly prohibit the use of bitcoin. Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the attitude of bitcoin is somewhat relaxed.

In July, finance minister AlexeiMoiseev suggested on encryption currency supervision into the category of foreign currency. Recently, block chain technology in Russia may be popular, with bitcoin it light.

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