The Russian Ministry of finance to withdraw bitcoin ban, but not sure whether the future

The Russian Ministry of finance to withdraw bitcoin ban, but not sure whether the future

According to the opinion of the Ministry of justice, the Russian Ministry of Finance for the so-called currency substitutes (including digital currency bitcoin) creation, flow motion was temporarily withdrawn.

Like last week’s local news sources reported by RNS, the bill (commonly known as the “Russian bitcoin ban”) after being the Ministry of justice dismissed, it is said that because the comment was not adopted, received some negative feedback. From the beginning of this year, the state legislature has been Duma in consideration of the bill.

Discussed are those in Russia issued or outstanding private currency were the degree of punishment. Russia’s report shows that some advocates that should be sentenced to years of prison and fined, but the latest news that within the government about how to regulate the technical differences.

Observers believe that the defects in the bill from the beginning it was doomed to fail.

One of Moscow’s partner at law firm TolkachevandPartners NikitaSoshnikov called the bill “unintelligible”.

Soshnikov told CoinDesk:

“The Ministry of finance does not provide encryption and currency crime of endangering public safety (the basic standard of crime) justification. The wording of the bill, so all kinds of activities about electronic money may be included in the definition of “currency substitution” in.”

In addition, according to Soshnikov, it is said that the act itself also contains many redundant representations, the Justice Department have been criticized.

“The Russian Ministry of Justice said that Russian criminal law has provided similar regulations, have profit using illegal means of payment to be punished for the crime of criminal behavior,” he said.

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