The second part of the bitcoin production by half the low efficiency of the miners were eliminated

The second part of the bitcoin production by half the low efficiency of the miners were eliminated

Experienced three more than 10% of the market rose after the early morning of July 10th, bitcoin for second times in half. Under this background, the stock market rally will continue? The future of bitcoin what is going to be?

The second round of half cycle arrival caused a number of mining equipment and the low efficiency of the miners were eliminated. In half under the pressure of the miners to continue their efforts to keep their profits run.

From 2009 to 2012, bitcoin experienced the first half. In the first half period of bitcoin, bitcoin prices from zero up to a maximum of $30, pushing prices up, people recognize the value of bitcoin, rather than supply changes.

Therefore, in the first half, bitcoin did not usher in a rally in the stock market. The last half a month before and after the half, the highest point and the lowest point of the bitcoin prices are $12.67 and $11.78, in a sideways state. This year the bitcoin halved impact on prices and a large changes. The half before, the market sentiment is surging, a lot of game player admission, coupled by a British exit risk aversion effect from the beginning of May, bitcoin has experienced 3 round rose.

The application of bitcoin bitcoin itself is very fragile, and there is no price limit, so if there is great news, bitcoin price volatility will be more obvious. Bitcoin issue is an open and transparent. In such a mechanism, all bitcoin system participants can predict and respond to this variable, which leads to the yield impact on prices can be digested in advance. According to the survey, there are 80.77% users of bitcoin trading for short-term profits, profit by the difference; there are 13.81% users of bitcoin as safe haven assets, long-term holders; there are 1.26% users to pay.

The miners in economics, is the cost of various artificial electricity various business expenses, income is to acquire bitcoin bitcoin market award *. Bitcoin halving production means bitcoin miners reward by a fold in the specific time also means that income is a discount. In the last half of bitcoin, there is about 20% of the force was eliminated. After more efficient mining equipment into the bitcoin system, is quickly recovered and kept fast growth. This round of half bitcoin mining influence, will probably follow the same logic.

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