The Segwit camp added Reggie f2pool pond issued notice to announce support isolated witness

The Segwit camp added Reggie f2pool pond issued notice to announce support isolated witness

In April 17th, bitcoin mining pool F2pool, namely the fishpond officially announced that bitcoin mining pool f2pool officially supports Segwit.

Previously, fish head Wang Chunceng issued several twitter about isolated witness topic, and said it would support the isolation of witness, the reason is “DDoS attack too much”. But after a few days ago, pond expressed support for Wright currency isolation pond witness today officially announced that bitcoin will support the implementation of isolation of witness. In recent days, fish pond in the whole network is the proportion remained at 10% down.

As of now, said publicly that bitcoin mining pool isolation support Segwit including F2Pool, SlushPool and witness BitFury. According to statistics, the current BitcoinUnlimited and isolation of witness support rates were 38.3% and 31.2%.

The following is the announcement of the full release of fish:

Bitcoin mining Pool Pond f2pool officially supports Segwit

Over the past 8 years, the rapid development of bitcoin, now 1 bitcoin prices have exceeded $1200, and nearly 1 ounces of gold prices, attracted the eyes of the world, central banks are beginning to study the bitcoin and the technology behind it.

But the growth process must be accompanied by worries. As more and more people are using bitcoin, bitcoin trading volume on the chain of explosive growth, but every 10 minutes of the block, but only carrying about 3 thousand transactions, cannot satisfy the needs of the users, often for a long time not to confirm the transaction situation, the user complaints.

In this case, bitcoin needs expansion, developers proposed a variety of solutions. How about the bitcoin network expansion debate, has lasted too long, where time is too long.

This debate has never been a choice, and not in the Segwit, BU or other schemes to choose one expansion. We have fish will support Segwit+ block. Segwit can solve some technical problems, and bring some benefits for the long-term development of large blocks of the bitcoin network, is also advantageous. However, the reality is not perfect, the game results, not to achieve Segwit+ block point.

We saw strong demand for users of bitcoin network expansion, also saw a lot of users at home and abroad to support Segwit. We can’t stagnate, and we need to continue to promote the development of bitcoin users together, is a step forward. Segwit technically, there is no problem, we can first activate Segwit, discuss the big block, until after we study again. I believe it is, there will be a natural result, bitcoin will continue to evolve, let us together to witness the miracle of bitcoin.

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