The son of the family business, bitcoin mining

The son of the family business, bitcoin mining

In North Carolina, Rowley, son of a team is to reverse this trend bitcoin mining industry.

Bitcoin mining is an energy intensive process, each competitor wants to make his next deal to join the chain block. So they can get in return is 12.5BTC — almost $7700, each bitcoin price of $615.

Is Jason? Gant and his father Vernon love for new coins so that the father and son started their own bitcoin mining. They are in their own home runs two bitcoin refineries, and is currently building a third refinery.

In some ways, North Carolina, bitcoin mining history can be traced back to the old bitcoin mining. Then, bitcoin enthusiasts will be set up in the home of a platform to connect to the network, and then begin the operation, had better luck if you can dig some bitcoin.

But with the passage of time, bitcoin mining has changed. Due to competition, rising costs and upgrade the network problem, the most successful is the most effective scale of mines. Therefore, the general plant has grown from a few computer to data center operation mode based on the home, there are hundreds of thousands of machines working at the same time. What is more important, because it’s the most competitive power cost, this business model has become more and more popular, such a large-scale refinery even in Washington valley or Tibet’s mountains begin.

But the Gantt chart is different, their father and son mine built in the capital of the state of North Carolina suburbs. They put their efforts on YouTube release, so that people can see how they handle digital currency mining daily fluctuation.

According to Jason said, this is a period of experience, from a hobby to become an investment, until a fully mature work. At the same time, it is also based on their experience in the domestic water supply and heating industry in the past.

He told the media:

“At that time, I only have some ants mills S7, until the completion of the first block of my trades before I tell his father about it. He began to become very interested in, ask about bitcoin problems. Therefore, he believes that this is a very good idea, and want to make it big. This is the beginning of our bitcoin mining.”

Early efforts

Jason tells us that the origin of the “family” of mining enterprises can be traced back to 2010, when he first started to try digital currency and won his first bitcoin. Similar to early adopters of evaluation, in the interview he also complained that why he didn’t buy more bitcoin then.

However, the technology of tragedy soon hit, in a computer to replace the private key, those early bitcoin is lost.

Jason explained: “so I lost all bitcoin, then ASIC (ASIC) began to appear, so I almost quit bitcoin mining, probably until 2014 to start again.”

They are common professional electrical, piping and home heating system work experience to help them through the difficult early. Vernon said their work experience, let them know what these machines need”.

Jason is the first in their own homes to build a refinery, Vernon followed up second. The two of them is mainly used in the ant mining machine series of mining hardware, purchased from Chinese Bitmain (bit,).

According to the Jason formulation, those early efforts, in general, brought them about 600 per second number P mining capacity. The father and son said, from 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour expenses, their monthly income of about $9000.

Continuous mining attempt

They have made the return time may be relatively early, but it is not easily won.

At home and tried to bitcoin mining people know that this is not a simple process, not connected to the machine, stood back to look at, the machine will help you print out this amazing Internet currency.

This process is more like a nanny. The miners need to pay close attention to their machines, and constantly check and optimize performance, be vigilant to see those gradually become unstable and the temperature of the power shortage, technical problems and any other problems may interrupt the machine operation.

The same with those who walk in front of them, Jason and Vernon also had their problems. A new video on their YouTube channel in a detailed record of the relevant power transformers and specific problems.

Jason said in an interview: “his transformer collapse many times, I become too hot in the summer when the transformer has repeatedly collapse.”

But the problem for us is not just about the power of.

Recently, because last month at the beginning of a tropical hurricane Hermione hit the east coast of the United States, the father and son had a flood. In a place called “video of our mining pool”, Jason and Vernon introduced one after another flooding in a coal mine where they encountered.

Looking to the future

It can be expected that the Gantt bitcoin mining family enterprises is the key to future growth. The father and son said in an interview, more and more machine operation ability and more complex cooling mechanism is a priority, which is the most direct problem.

Now the mining is also slightly changed, now also including other electronic currency mining ability. One of the graphics built mines is mainly the etheric Fang (Ethereum) mining mines.

According to Jason and Vernon said that two of them are accelerating efforts to introduce more investors — although the scope and scale of investors has not been fully determined.

Jason explained:

“We are currently considering adding one or two investors, it may be able to speed up the development of our. We are now in an investor and negotiate, but they seem to require more than we imagined. We may be raised by the public to realize this point.”

Objective: to run at the end of this year reached a speed of 15 per second number P (petahashes), which is an aspiring goal, and depends largely on the success of my third bitcoin mining factory. But Jason said that they were not out on a limb. Our reporters doubts, they said that they had hit a wall in a mining plant construction work, then they went to the bitcoin online community for help.

Jason said: “the bitcoin community is one of the most magical community, people in the community are very friendly and helpful. What if we have a problem, I just need to ask for help in the community, there is always someone willing to lend a hand.”

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