The Star daily, Wu Chi Han, will launch an OTC platform before the end of July. Sun Yuchen said he would bring a HUAWEI mobile to lunch with Buffett.

 The Star daily, Wu Chi Han, will launch an OTC platform before the end of July. Sun Yuchen said he would bring a HUAWEI mobile to lunch with Buffett.


Media: Wu Chi Han will launch Matrix before the end of July, bit mainland or the main user.

The former CEO, Wu Chi Han, will launch a new start-up company Matrix by the end of July. It is reported that Matrix was first hatched inside the bit continent, and bit continent will then become a major customer of the company. According to sources, as the main partner of bit mainland, Matrix may become “the largest OTC platform in the world” overnight. Details about Wu Chi Han’s latest joint venture have not yet been disclosed. (The Block)

Digital currency

Kik response: the accusation of SEC is based on a defective legal theory, and the allegations are highly selective and misleading.

Kik Interactive responded to the lawsuit filed by SEC against illegal securities sales. Ted Livingston, chief executive of Kik, said: “we hope that this case will make people understand that the securities law should not be applied to a currency that is used by millions of people in dozens of applications. For the fact and situation of Kik’s pre-sale and token issuance activities in 2017, SEC’s allegations also present a highly selective and misleading picture. We look forward to telling the whole story in court. ” Earlier, the US SEC announced the prosecution of Kik Interactive, which was suspected of issuing $100 million in illegal securities issuance (Newsletter).

Reddit users: BSV may face 51% attack risk

According to Reddit’s article, a group of ore pools recently controlled more than 51% of BSV’s computing power, up to 52.78%, which is very close to being attacked. A few weeks ago, similar things happened in BCH. At that time, a mine controlled nearly 54% of the calculation. (AMBCrypto)

Mt. Gox pre CEO Mark Karpeles plans to launch new encryption related businesses in Japan

In June 5th, Mt. Gox former CEO Mark Karpeles attended the press conference of the Japanese Foreign Correspondents Association in Tokyo, Japan. Karpeles is now developing new businesses around the encrypted currency that led him into legal trouble. Karpeles told reporters at the conference that he wanted to make Japan a global leader in block chain technologies such as bitcoin and other encrypted currencies. (The Bellingham Herald)

Bithumb Global announces that its stable currency is about to come out.

On June 5th, Will, head of Bithumb Global, Bithumb international station of Korea exchange, said in an interview that BG’s compliance stability currency will soon be available. In the interview, Will also revealed that because of South Korea’s supervision, Bithumb did not plan to issue platform currency, but BG had a platform currency plan. (Babbitt)

Diar: US market stability currency trading share is decreasing.

The Diar report shows that demand for stable currencies is rising in the Chinese market. However, the trend in the US market is just the opposite. The trading share of the stable exchange traded in the US exchange has dropped from 44% in 2017 to less than 10% in 2018. (Finance Magnates)

Block chain application

Lotte co operates with Japan’s largest railway company to promote cashless payment.

Japan’s e-commerce giant Lotte has worked with Japan’s largest railway company JR East to promote cashless payment, which is expected to be launched in the spring of 2020. According to the 2018 earnings report released by Lotte, the update of Lotte payment application may help to support the payment of encrypted money. (Cointelegraph)

Dixy, Russia’s third largest retailer, uses Ethernet technology to streamline trade financing processes.

After six months of pilot phase, Factorin, a Russian block chain start-ups, announced on Tuesday that it will work with Dixy to launch its new trade finance platform. Dixy, the third largest retailer in the country, has become the first major customer of Factorin. The new system is developed on the private version of the Ethernet site, allowing Dixy suppliers to receive payment within one working day instead of the first two weeks. (CoinDesk)

Analysis: AMD will cooperate with Samsung to promote cipher currency and smart phone mining.

Samsung and the US multinational IT Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced the establishment of a long-term strategic partnership. The former will get the graphical IP authorization for mobile GPU from the latter. Beincrypto article analysis this may promote the development of smart phone encryption money mining business, although mobile mining is not yet realized, but the development of low power GPU may stimulate mining enthusiasts to carry out experiments. (Beincrypto)

Global policy

Japan’s Internal Revenue Service: at least 50 people and 30 companies are missing billions of yen in virtual currency transactions.

In the years up to March 2019, at least 50 people and 30 companies in the trade with virtual currencies have reported a tax leak in the confirmation process, with a total of about 10 billion yen, the Japan National Tax Bureau said. (Asahi Shimbun)

The European Commission: Malta needs to improve its preparation for the crime of encrypting currency.

According to Malta Today, the European Union has indicated to Malta that Malta needs to improve its existing resources to combat potential financial crimes because of the popularity of the encrypted currency. In addition, in the aspect of corruption, we should also solve conflicts of interests that may exist at all levels of government, and at the same time, we should re evaluate the duty of taxation. (Cointelegraph)

The Reserve Bank of India denies participation in drafting a bill against currency encryption.

In the written reply from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to the recent RTI application, the Reserve Bank of India said: “they have not received any letter from any department, nor have they sent any letter to any government department related to drafting the bill.”

Israeli central bank executives: Israel will not issue national digital currency in the near future.

On Tuesday, Sigal Ribon, head of the Monetary Policy Department of the Israeli central bank, stressed that Israel did not intend to become the first developed country to issue the national digital currency at the annual summit of Bit2C, Israel’s encryption currency exchange. The reason is that Israel is relatively lacking in technical structure, and our infrastructure is far from being able to contribute to this. (Finance Magnates)

Character voice

Sun Yuchen: I’ll bring a HUAWEI mobile to lunch with Buffett.

Coming and going (Sina micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei) said in micro-blog, “Buffett is not using Samsung to flip the non intelligent machine, it can’t install App.” In response, Sun Yuchen said in micro-blog, “I take a HUAWEI mobile phone to go.” Odaily Star Daily Note: Sun Yuchen, the founder of the wave field TRON foundation, has said that I might make a small request at luncheon, that is, I hope to install the first digital money wallet on Buffett’s mobile phone, and then I hope to be able to give him a little bit of currency. It is possible that the wave money will become the first virtual currency in Buffett’s life. Odaily I want to teach Buffett how to send and receive virtual currency, and how to use these virtual currencies in the world of centralization.

Jimmy Song: for Buffett, it’s too early to accept encrypted money.

Jimmy Song, the core developer of bitcoin, said that in his view, the current (accepted encryption currency) was 10-15 years before Buffett. Those who need to be persuaded are those who are tired of ICO, hyped up venture capital companies, pension portfolios who want to diversify their portfolios, and a family management room that considers bubbles in real estate and stocks. (AMBCrypto)

BB:B1 has hundreds of millions of advertising budgets and plans to attract KOL to Voice.

In the evening of June 4th, CEO BB continued to answer the community’s questions about Voice in telegraph group, expressed the hope that Voice could be used in various countries, and said that B1 had hundreds of millions of advertising budgets, and plans to attract KOL to join, and would launch marketing and promote Voice when ready. (MEET.ONE)

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