The stars in the blockchain! Explain the three giants in the BAT block chain strategic layout

The stars in the blockchain! Explain the three giants in the BAT block chain strategic layout

The development of Chinese Internet industry, vigorously promote and support cannot do without the Internet giant behind BAT. As Chinese BAT enterprise three carriages, someone sent this question, Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong as the representative of Internet technology companies with their own advantages, gradually the financial depth implants various life situations, such as the long tail user traffic from Baidu extension, Tencent of social finance, Ali, these products in the promotion the user experience at the same time, also in the closed loop ecosystem continues to build homes, why Internet Co (such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, etc.) did not participate in the block chain investment and product development, BAT enterprise is actually how to plan, is a concern.

Many traditional domestic industries have started to focus on the block chain, for example, the traditional financial institutions have started to pay attention to safe block chain, and joined the R3 alliance, focusing on the traditional industrial Wanxiang Group also established a universal blockchain laboratory, and that the block chain will further explore and research. Traditional enterprises are so seriously that block chain, walking in the front of the Internet BAT enterprise is the way to participate in the blockchain, block chain makes the areas in which will play the most incisive, BAT enterprises may be the blockchain “killer”, with these questions, we find some clues”.

Tencent, HUAWEI joined the financial block chain alliance


In May 31, 2016, the afternoon of 31 March, focusing on financial cooperation alliance block chain block chain in financial applications (Shenzhen) was formally established. The alliance brings together 31 companies including micro focus bank, Ping An Bank, merchants bank network, Hundsun, Jingdong, financial Tencent, HUAWEI, silver chain technology, Shenzhen Financial Information Services Association, which launched 25 units, Tencent, HUAWEI and other 6 institutions as members of units to join.

In the 70% League members of chain, financial institutions, 30% financial technology companies and Internet companies, block chain alliance organized by financial institutions to promote, will make the application faster landing.

Speaking of the origin of Tencent and Internet banking in September 2005, caifutong was established as a symbol, the Tencent to enter the financial sector for ten years. The Tencent on the financial business strategic positioning is to seize the channel, flow entrance, in the way of cooperation and expand channels and entrance, this play has the traditional resource advantage to play the Tencent, but the lack of product development and real One principle runs through it all. market share. With the passage of time, the Tencent financial full license layout gradually completed, the complete financial closed-loop ecological construction, Tencent is the key to build their own financial future data mining and application scenarios. In the field of Internet financial Tencent, the layout of the nine business segments, respectively, in the payment of loans, finance, insurance, securities, banking, credit, funds, all the chips have their own strategic planning, to join the financial chain alliance to block, block chain and related business segments such as micro public banks. How has combined with the block chain in the exploration, the advantages can play better.

The payment service will be on the line block chain technology

    In Hangzhou held the first global XIN public meeting, as the Alibaba’s ant payment service in the “Internet public forum said the blockchain technology will be on the line, and will be the first application on Alipay’s donation platform. The advantage of the characteristics of block chain technology itself, it is believed to help solve the China social welfare transparency and trust issues. The ant said gold dress block chain technology about on-line donation will be used for the Alipay platform, the purpose is to let each a sum of the life cycle are recorded in the block chain.

Block chain technology is a new technology to promote trust, enhance openness and transparency. Alipay donation platform, users often donate money a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, after the donation into the public project account cannot track. Use block chain technology, let each a sum of the life cycle are recorded in the block chain, users can continue to back.

The payment service engineer said, the initial development of the system, just to use the technology to solve a user experience of “small”, technical staff patiently polished, although the significance, but not what benefits “”.

President Jing Xiandong said earlier that the ant payment service, as a block chain technology financial frontier science and technology, what can bring to us? We understand is safe. I said on different occasions, on behalf of the financial ability of Fin, tech on behalf of the technical ability, using technology to strengthen and improve our ability of risk management. Fin before and after the tech in Fin, on behalf of the financial nature is not changed, tech is used to strengthen risk management, to help us improve the efficiency, improve service efficiency, innovation efficiency, pricing efficiency, the efficiency of risk management, let us do more powerful. This is very important. So, we must maintain a financial awe on Fintech, Fintech is a combination of Finance and technology, science and technology is used to allow us to do better.

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