The success of the first Congress of Zhongguancun block chain industry alliance held in Beijing

The success of the first Congress of Zhongguancun block chain industry alliance held in Beijing

The morning of May 6, 2016, the Zhongguancun block chain industry alliance held its first Congress in Beijing. According to the “Regulations” registration and administration of social organizations and civil affairs departments of the relevant approval requirements, the conference listened to the report on the work of the preparatory group of the alliance, according to the procedures for voting by the Union constitution, the Council and the board of supervisors election methods, fee standards and the management way, the first elected union executive mechanism, supervision mechanism, and the person in charge the legal representative person. The administrative committee of Zhongguancun industrial department deputy director Ms. Yu Shuyuan, Mr. Wang Anping president of 21vianet group and the Tsinghua University Institute of information technology, China Mobile Research Institute, Chinese Unicom Research Institute, Chinese Information Communication Research Institute, China Internet Network Information Center and other member units responsible for about 70 people attended the meeting.

The first Congress of Zhongguancun block chain industry alliance

        MS Yu Shuyuan wants in his speech at the general assembly, the union should actively carry out the work in the block chain industry research, policy support, network protocol standards, patent system, business incubator, innovation and application of international cooperation. One is to actively carry out the global block chain innovation cooperation oriented, cutting-edge technology early layout, cross-border integration, the financial demand for the pilot, stronger industrial chain, to build a complete industrial ecology. Two is the first in the country to carry out research on network technology, patent applications and protocols, the blockchain standard system. The three is the integration of the domestic industry chain research in block, regional innovation subject, high-end talent, for industry leading enterprises, investment institutions support and cooperation. The four is to promote the cooperation of Zhongguancun enterprises and international institutions, proposed in the global block chain in industrial organization and sharing application solutions, the construction industry first mover advantage.

Zhongguancun CMC deputy director Mr Yu Shu Yuan

        Mr. Wang Anping, President of 21vianet group as the newly elected secretary general of the league, the newly elected chairman Mr. Bobby Chan commissioned on behalf of the first union executive mechanism, supervision mechanism, thanks to the members of the newly elected directors, board of supervisors, the Secretary General and vice chairman of the board of directors, all directors and supervisors, Deputy Secretary General of the trust, and that will not live up to the expectations of the member, the effective performance of their duties, earnestly implement the relevant national block chain technology and industrial development policy, solid job blockchain policy support, technology leading, intellectual property and standardization and industrialization, as well as the basic platform construction, application innovation, network information security management, and strengthen the organization construction projects. International cooperation and technical exchanges, activities of the organization and publicity and guidance, and actively create a favorable policy environment for the development of the industrial chain blocks, public opinion atmosphere, based in Zhongguancun, based in Beijing, to promote the blockchain related technology, industry and application in China, rooted in the global scope and accelerating development.

Zhongguancun block chain industry alliance the newly elected secretary general Wang Anping speech

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