The success of the UK “from Europe, bitcoin prices suddenly soared to $650

The success of the UK “from Europe, bitcoin prices suddenly soared to $650

Yesterday, bitcoin prices fell to $550. Today, with the success of “off Europe”, bitcoin prices skyrocketing, instant up to about $650 (at the time).

Many people said bitcoin prices and some recent related events together, as of press time, people worry about the European economy is one of the most influential factors, as long as the British and European support rate rose, bitcoin prices also followed up.

The British back in Europe recently had a referendum asking people to vote raise a Babel of criticism of the government, to stay in Europe (Bremain) or back in Europe (Brexit). Coincidentally, the British are back in Europe and the results of the referendum has been bitcoin prices. Britain officially back in Europe news, bitcoin price instantly from around $550 to $650.

As of press time, a total of 54.5% valid votes. According to the British Daily Telegraph statistics, the proportion of voting back in Europe as high as 51.4%, while the proportion of votes to stay in Europe for 48.6%, the gap is very small.

Bitcoin enthusiasts first announced the news on twitter, and pointed out the news and bitcoin prices are closely related.

In addition, market observers by this incident expressed bitcoin the price trend over reliance on a single market movements, therefore began to worry about the traditional market will be unstable.


This month the price of bitcoin is mid price reached the highest point of play fast and loose, within 2 years, began to fall a week ago, and today the price rose again.

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