The Swiss Bank launched online bitcoin investment tools to reduce the fluctuation of investment

The Swiss Bank launched online bitcoin investment tools to reduce the fluctuation of investment


The Swiss bank Swissquote launched online bitcoin investment tools to reduce the fluctuation of investment. This is a financial revolution, due to the need for a revolution in the financial industry to strengthen accountability and transparency and produce; a revolution caused by banking disintermediation and decentralization, bitcoin for technical support.

In the past few years, the rapid development of bitcoin, from the conceptual stage to test market base exceeded $300 billion mark for the. With the development of financial institutions and the government is widely used in the currency, analysts will be clearing out these currency futures, and pointed out that bitcoin is expected to a new level. However, although trading volume is large, the market capitalization rate record high, but bitcoin is still highly volatile currency. This hinders many potential investors to enter the market, and will add to their currency portfolio.

Investors hope to have a tool that can be based on the technical level and the market mode, while minimizing the risk of exposure, volatility and help them reduce the investment risk. This tool is the Swiss bank Swissquote have developed online.

As a kind of certificate exchange, active bitcoin certificates can let investors through transactions between bitcoin and the dollar, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to market volatility. The learning algorithm through a proprietary machine. The quantitative algorithm by increasing the legal uncertainty and currency holdings during the recession (in U.S. dollars), analysis of technology, realized volatility measures, buying / selling pressure and social media sentiment to reduce volatility.

The use of these indicators to the collected data, the algorithm predicts the direction of short-term returns for investors to hedge the current market trend or future cash. Swissquote according to the future direction of the prediction of the market confidence and prediction, will be 60% to 100% of the portfolio allocated to bitcoin. The portfolio balance surplus to invest in u.s.. The risks inherent in such low volatility strategies will help investors to balance bitcoin investment fluctuations, reduce volatility and create more stable potential return on investment.

As a tool of Swissquote stock, active bitcoin certificates can be seamlessly with any stock trading accounts, and can easily track in the 6 Swiss Exchange and transaction. The certificate has to deal with security issues related to the exchange platform and the most by a world-class network security, the network security department responsible for handling all the funds deposited in the platform of end-to-end security. The team also protects the user private key storage and wallet security, eliminate third party intrusion.

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