The Swiss bank Swissquote announced bitcoin transaction services for customers

The Swiss bank Swissquote announced bitcoin transaction services for customers


Switzerland’s leading provider of online financial service trade and Swissquote bank has reached a cooperation with bitcoin exchange Bitstamp bitcoin transaction services, 200 thousand + for private and institutional investors.

Swiss regulated banks launched bitcoin transactions

The leading provider of online financial trading service and Swissquote bank announced Friday the bitcoin trading service officially launched its own platform for all the bank accounts. Customers can now use the euro or the dollar to buy bitcoin, purchase and prior to the purchase of other currencies in exactly the same way. The announcement shows that “in addition to providing leverage service, the minimum and maximum bitcoin bitcoin trading transactions amounted to $5 and $100000 / euro / euro. “According to the size of the investment fee will be 0.5% – 1%.

The bank said:

“Swissquote is the first in Europe to provide bitcoin investment in online bank.”

Swissquote bank currently holds Swiss Confederation regulatory bureau of financial market (Finma) issued by the bank license, is also the Swiss bankers association member. The parent company of Swissquote Group Holdings Limited is a company listed on the Six Swiss Exchange company. According to the company’s Web site said:

“Because of the Swissquote bank or a bank by regulators, traders and partners can benefit from the highest Swiss bank securities security and transparency standards.”

By virtue of the more than 500 enterprises in the service customers in more than 120 countries, the bank said that “today, we have become one of the top 10 global online forex brokers, providing extensive money for more than 200000 of private investors and institutional clients, and the comprehensive index of commodity trading.”

Cooperate with Bitstamp

In order to promote bitcoin transactions, the company has a partnership with Luxemburg Bitstamp, Bitstamp exchange is the first EU permit bitcoin exchange. SwissquoteCEOMarcB RKI said, “this is the first time we set foot in the field of bitcoin, we hope that with the one we can rely on partners. Bitstamp has the regulatory and compliance, as well as the payment institution license, make it to meet our needs.”

Bitstamp on Friday issued a statement on this cooperation:

“Swissquote BTC/ and BTC/ launched the euro dollar trading today, and all the support provided by Bitstamp. We also plan to expand in the future of this cooperation, Bitstamp will put more Swissquote services to customers.

The bank explained, “Bitstamp provides price data and provide bitcoin transactions for Swissquote customers.”

Bitstamp believes that with the bitcoin into Swissquote customers domestic trading environment, “we are to successfully achieve our long-term goal of bitcoin and traditional financial services complete integration.”

Bitcoin attractive rose

In the announcement on Friday, B RKI said:

“Many investors interested in encryption currency, but I’m worried about them, because most of the participants in this market have little knowledge of encryption currency, they often need to transfer funds to a foreign account.”

In the days of Swissquote announced bitcoin transaction services before, another Swiss bank Falcon private bank announced through a partnership with BitcoinSuisseAG to provide bitcoin asset management to the consumers.

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