The Swiss firm will begin to accept bitcoin payments in January 2017

The Swiss firm will begin to accept bitcoin payments in January 2017

Swiss multinational services giant and one of the big four accounting firms Ernst (Ernst&Young) will become the first to accept bitcoin payments using the company in the industry.

From the beginning of 2017 January, Ernst & young customers can use bitcoin for the audit and consulting services for payment. The accounting company in a statement last week that it was “the first to accept bitcoin payments consultancy”. Ernst explains the world to receive digital currency the most potential is an important part of its own digital.

In addition, Ernst in office building set up a bitcoin ATM machine, its employees and the public can use it.

In the placement of bitcoin ATM machine, anyone can use the Swiss Franc exchange bitcoin, Ernst also for its employees with the Ernst app so that they can use to buy wallet encryption currency. This wallet app by Ernst & Young internal development, it is installed in the intelligent mobile phone company provided the.

Ernst embrace bitcoin and new technology initiatives with the Swiss Society of encryption currency and block chain recognition technology is the same.

An example is worth noting that, the Swiss National Railway Bureau announced an initiative by the ticket booth to sell bitcoin. The more than 1000 ticket booth around the Swiss, bitcoin may be in the next two years by the country’s new users and existing users to buy. The service is already underway.

The idyllic lakeside town of Zug in Switzerland also accept bitcoin payments with various services, as part of the pilot project, the project began in the mid 2016.

“Through the use of bitcoin, we are passing information to the outside world. We are in Zug, we want to stand in the forefront of science and technology in the future, “mayor DolfiM ller said. Since a lot of financial technology companies after the town settle down, Zug had a “crypto currency Valley”.

According to the Swiss Ernst CEO MarcelStalder said, Ernst placed bitcoin ATM also want the employee can be familiar with crypto currency and block chain technology.

Stadler said that Switzerland as a financial services center, in the face of the upcoming brought by encryption currency and block chain technology transformation and reform, to maintain a leading position.

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