The Swiss railway ticket machine will start selling bitcoin in November 11th

The Swiss railway ticket machine will start selling bitcoin in November 11th

According to BBC reports, the Swiss National Railway Service (SBB) plans to begin next month at the station to sell digital currency bitcoin.

From 11 month 11 day, consumers will be able to buy bitcoin using Swiss francs by the station ticket vending machine.

However, it is not able to use the money to buy tickets based on network.

SBB said that they have been testing the country consumer demand for bitcoin, and have decided to launch a two-year pilot project.

To buy bitcoin through the station ticket vending machines, potential buyers will have to provide the mobile phone number for authentication.

The size of each transaction will be limited to 500 Swiss francs (about $500). 1BTC the current price of about 708.64 Swiss francs, however, consumers can buy small units of bitcoin.

The Swiss Financial Services Company SweePay will provide the currency exchange service.

SBB said:

“In Switzerland, method can obtain the bitcoin currently is not much. Through the 1000 multiple ticket machine at present, SBB operates an intensive continuous distributed network, and this network is not only applicable to the sale of tickets.

The system will be welcomed by many people, especially those who cannot buy through bank accounts bitcoin, and many people are reflected in the traditional international trading fee is too high, and there are funds arrival delay phenomenon.

Bitcoin — the first digital global currencies as a rapid transfer of funds and without the participation of the bank is to attract a lot of attention. Bitcoin transactions can be directly processed through the network between users.

Early in the month of 7, the small town of Zug launched a period of 6 months, make people use bitcoin to pay for public services. It was called the “test of innovation”, but some people worry that this money is not safe.

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